Monday, March 8, 2010

Try To Keep Up

Diggy Simmons is not only hitting you in the face with his gentleman style lol but now with his upcoming sneaker line, Chivalrous Culture.

Ok Diggy, don't hurt em.

Tim Burton's Alice and Wonderland in 3D

Tim Burton's Alice and Wonderland in 3D was great....
However, a lot of my fellow movie goers weren't really feeling it lol
People left out of the theater with a confused look on there face, some saying "What the hell was that?" hahahaha
But I loved it...
I mean its Tim Burton , so you already know it will be colorful, animated, and cleverly insane.
Go check it out.

Pharrell's Favorite Things

Super Mario inspired chains

Slick a$$ Diamond'd out Casio G- Shock

Customized Hermes purple croc bag

Chanel guitar

The average price range of these fab things: $20,000 to $100,000
Wow must be nice......

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