Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Seperated at birth???
The scene outside of Lil Wayne courthouse.
Way too far...took it way too far.

Ready To Die

Armed and dangerous ain't too many can bang with us, straight up weed no angel dust, label us notorious.Thug ass niggas that love to bust, it's strange to us ya' ll niggas be scrambling, gambling up in restaurants with mandolins and violins.We just sittin' here trying to win, try not to sin, high off weed and lot's of gin so much smoke need oxygen steadily countin' them Benjamins.Nigga you should too, if you knew, what this game will do to you been in this shit since '92 look at all the bullshit I been through so called beef with you know who...fuck a few female stars or two then a bluelight niggas knew like Mike-shit not to be fuck wit.Motherfucker better duck quick' cause me and my dogs love to buck shit, fuck the luck shit strictly aim no aspiration to quit the game. Spit your game, talk your shit, grab your gat, call your clicks, squeeze your clip and hit the right one pass that weed I gotta light one all them niggas I gotta fight one all them hoes I gotta like one our situation is a tight one what you wanna do? fight or run?Seems to me that you'll take thee, Bone and Big nigga die slowly I'm gonna tell you like a nigga told me,cash rule everything around me.Shit lyrically, niggas can't see me, fuck it,buy the coke, cook the coke, cut it,blow the bitch before you caught yourself Lovin it -- nigga wit a Benz fucking it.Doesn't it seem odd to you Big comes through wit mobs and crews...Goodfellas down to the Mo' Thug dudes who's the killer? me or you?
-B.I.G. , Notorious Thugs

Flashing Lights

Kelis' Rankin photo shoot for her upcoming video for her single, Acapella.
Very interesting...y'all know I like the nails lol
Can't wait t see the finally video.

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