Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Want That: Fall 2010

Del Toro velvet slippers!!!!
I have been looking for a women's velvet slipper for a year now and I have finally found one.
All credit for my find goes to Late Boots.....
These have been noted to be comfortable and clearly they are chic.
Del Toro offers a wide range of embroidery such as skulls and roses.
I love the skull embroidery, but I think I am going to have to invest in the custom monogram.
My initials on a velvet slipper......AMAZING!
Check these beauties out at www.buydeltoro.com
Hopefully these will be under my Xmas tree....*Hint hint*

Ohhhh and you know my style icon has them!!!
Ms. June Ambrose


Kanye West's cover art for his new album,
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
Now Ye why did you think this wouldn't get banned lol.
On a lighter note, can't wait for this album to drop.
In the word of Dewight on Real Housewives of Atlanta "It's been to long." pahahaha

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