Monday, February 7, 2011

I Want That: Spring 2011

Ashley Olsen

Karla from Karla's Closet

Rumi from Fashion Toast

NYC Street style
Wide Leg pants are back with a vengance! For the last couple of seasons skinny jeans have reigned supreme, but due to the major 70's influence this Spring it is was only right that the wide leg trouser and jean made a comeback. Ok so this look is a little tricky to pull off so pay attention ladies. The look of a wide leg jean, especially a high waisted wide leg can sometimes turn out kind of mom jeanish, and who wants that!? So make sure the fit is right. I also feel as though when a woman wears a wide leg I should not be able to see her shoes (I have this major complex about being able to see my shoes when wearing wide leg trousers or a maxi dress). Wide legs or as my mother calls them bell bottoms, can be classed up for the office or evening bu wearing a blazer or a tailored shirt, but can also be dressed down with a v-neck tshirt or sweater. The choice is yours ladies, just be sure to try this look out, you won't regret it :)


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