Friday, July 13, 2007

its 200 degrees and ur wearing lame leggings?

the culprit:
i love american apparel as much as the next chick, but leggings in summer is not checking out so good. here in breezy beautiful baltimore its hot as a mutha, and i walk to work daily, can u imagine if i wore lame while doing it. first of all i dont even know wtf lame (pronounced lam-ay) is to begin with (im guessing a very shiny version of spandex) anyway its ugly and should be left on the runway and in eves sweet new video... i mean seriously who wants a shiny ass?

dont think you can get away with cotton leggings either, or lace ones, or any other kind of material they make leggings out of these days. they are simply over publicized, kinda like lil' wayne and beyonce, and make me somewhat irritable when i see little girls prance around baltimore street in lace hot pink leggings in 300 degree weather. get real. get original. when the local junkie has scored a pair, i think its time to stop wearing them. o and another thing LEGGINGS ARE NOT, I REPEAT ARE NOT PANTS..(unless u are a size 000, and that doesnt even exist).

the verdict:
the disco era has died and lame should go right along with it, leggings stay in dance class and in utter cold situations, such as snow and/or rain....
4/5 dueces and a wash cloth 2 wash the sweat gathering in between ur legs (grosssss)
love the leggingless,
queenie v


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