Friday, July 13, 2007

sh*t to put on ur facebook

we all kno u sit at ur desk and pretend to do work, while ur really slaving over facebook, adding new features (because its trying desperately to pick up where myspace left off), crying over who left that "i think you're a biotch" comment in your honesty box, and reading other peoples wall 2 walls...hmmmmmmmmm..well heres some ish to put on ur fb site. i prefer heartfelt urban poetry, but this could do the trick:

for ur quotes:

"don't be jealous cuz' i've been chatting online with hot babes all day"-Kip Dynamite from "Napoleon Dynamite"

and there u have it. :)

while we're at it i just got a request on facebook to attend a "happy hour" where u give ish like beer and liquor to your friends virtually...wtF? facebook is out of control, i thought sending ur pussy through facebook was a bit much with the creation of "X-me"...more like "sex-me". Anyway, since jourdan has given me a beer, im sure il be virtually drunk within the hour. we can all ask ourselves what is this world coming to or we can simply add the feature, which i am gladly doing lol. maybe alchoholics annonymous should take facebooks hint, and use this as a sobering up device..

peace queen,

buy us a drink (preferably straight vodka lmao)

queenie v


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