Thursday, July 12, 2007


u can comment without being a subscriber, just do that shit...geez people
how hard is it...

and u kno if this thing kinda does get a little big, u probably doubt us, but IF it does, we'll have u to just read and and comment...READ AND COMMENT...and if u have a BAND or sumthing let us kno...or if ur a MODEL or an ACTRESS or just a REALLY COOL person...we'll put u on this thing....just READ AND COMMENT!!!!



Anonymous said...

I listen to Justus league. From 9th Wonder's spot, heard of his pupils (M1Platoon, sound is quite right thank God). Seen the interview y'all did. From there heard of your blog... I think it's fresh. I use to have a website (Art, Writing, etc...) up as well but I took it down for the simple fact it was getting no feedback :-/ I support what y'all are doing, its a shame there arent enough unique, abstract minds out there, we're losing 'em. I'll keep reading if y'all keep persevering. I was born and raised in Centreville, VA but I moved out to Orlando in 06, maybe I can get y'all some identity out here too, name's DJ. Keep doin it. God Bless.


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