Thursday, July 12, 2007

this should b ur new blog bible....

here at queenie valentine we pride ourselves in talking shit about well EVERYTHING...but really we call it "speaking the truth" yeah if we give two cents about u we will write..This blog stemed (excuse the spelling) from a rondevous in barnes and noble, while sipping on freshly blended vanilla beans in Baltimore, it went a little sumthing like this:

(sip sip sip on vanilla bean)
kim: i love blogs
dom: we should start our own
(sip sip sip on vanilla bean)

and with that "queenie valentine" was how we got the name is a secret, lets just say we discussed it over number 6's from wendys, then carried it in our stomachs for nine months-figuritively speaking.... we're pretty cool chicks, down to earth in every way, pretty hot too, educated, fabulous, and kinda mean-on tha low-but hey u love us and we love you(in an abstract kinda way) we hope u enjoy, and if not welllllll who really cares right? right. at least we like to think that we dont care, but maybe we doooo....

peace queen,

kimmie e and dom


Jourdan said...

Im commenting because u told me not exactly sure what to say but u and the dwarf are different and i think that is good.
U have my appproval and support.

Anonymous said...

kim love this page is sooooo hot. lame ass fuckin leggings in the summer time should never be seen. go kim!-Just Lonely

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