Thursday, August 23, 2007

Johnny Jordan

Reasons why Johnny Cupcakes is tha shit....reinventing the almightly Jordan symbol...enough said

Sean John Ladiessssssssssssss

ok ok ive been out for awhile, sue stupid dell got a virus. ANYWHO, im back in action...Word on the street is there is a new line coming straight from Diddy himself. Sean John Women's. Now dont be too closed minded peeps. His new line includes a mix of street style and high fashion with a Diddy flair of course. This line my friends is soooo far off from Baby Phat..and even though I love Kimora, Diddy does it better, since everythings not logo check it out people. The line drops in December I believe. Oh yeah, Cassie, Lauren London (ATL" Rashad wheres my soda"), and that new pussycat doll are all in tha campaign, so watch for it losers :)

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