Thursday, February 28, 2008

in direct quotation: erykah badu

"I think a lot of people have lost respect for the individual, you know, the individual, the person who doesn't conform. "- Erykah Badu this link to get the pics of the real album covers and Erykah's versions on shit: album covers

N.E.R.D. Blog (that new ish...)

I guess myspace is good for something, being one of Pharell's thousands of friends is a perk. Well he posted a bulliten showing this blog and I decided to check it out. If you need a new blog bible you can start fresh with this one, its new, and I mean its newer than Queenie and thats pretty damn new. Check it Out...Oh and its got all the Glow In the Dark tour dates listed! Your Welcome..again. lol. Just click on the picture to get to it (I'm becoming computer savvy) or for you old school computer users go to, or click on it. Happy Reading!!!!!

Just because I can't get enough of this "hyperlink-ing" thing, here's the myspace too...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Artist I Love: Will Murai

With liquid lines and beautiful , yet quirky concepts, Will Murai's art pieces are truly master pieces. He is a comic book colorist and illustrator who has worked for Marvel Comics with designs such as Red Sonja. He uses a iMac Al. 24" 2.4 GHz connected to a Wacom Intuos3 6x11 to do most of his work after he sketches the concept.My favorite piece by him is Underwater. He loves to skateboard and lives in Brazil.

- Doe Chee$e

Monday, February 25, 2008

the glow in the dark mixtape: international swagger

So ya girl got a little present for you and it's called the glow in the dark mixtape. Yeah you know, Lupe Fiasco, Rih-Rih (Rihanna), and Yeezy all in one mixtape, its got so much swag (the good kind lol). I can say that i think it's hot. Here are the tracks in order, some sh*t you know, some sh*t you think you know, and some sh*t you don't...oh yeah N.E.R.D's on here too. It's a nice mix of performance songs you will hear at the best concert since Beyonce lol..or was that Sasha??? Better download it people, you know you won't be at the concert cuz that sh*t's sold out!

Intro 1:17 Mahito Yokota
Locked Away 3:30 Mickey Factz, N.E.R.D.
Gold Watch 4:13 Lupe Fiasco
Good Girl Gone Bad 3:30 Rihanna
Hey Mama (2008 Studio Version) 2:38 Kanye West
Dumb It Down (Live) 3:32 Lupe FiascoS
ell Me Candy 2:46 Rihanna
International Swagger 4:14 Pharrell
Flashing Lights(Remix)exclusive 3:58 Kanye West, Dwele, Colin Munroe
Tape You/Nasty Naughty 7:41 N.E.R.D.
Push Up On Me 3:15 Rihanna
What It Do 3:57 Lupe Fiasco
Hater Family 3:36 PM
I was Waiting For You 2:49 N.E.R.D.
I Wonder Freestyle Live 3:26 Kanye West
Streets On Fire 4:40 Lupe Fiasco
Umbrella (Unplugged) 4:39 Rihanna
Good Night 3:07 Kanye West, Mos Def
Finer Things (Bonus Track) 4:15 Felli Fel, Neyo, Fabolous, Kanye, JD

ohhhh and before I go, my obsession with Flashing Lights is coming to a close, below is the video for the remix, which makes sense. I actuially dig it more than the original song. Listen!

we believe in santogold

So recently I have been following M.I.A. and her crew. I'm sure you've all heard that she's been working with Baltimore's own Blaqstar and with his pro toge RYE-RYE (if you wanna know more about her Google), but enough about them, I'm stuck on Santogold! She's a new artist who has been doing her thing in the music business for some time now. She has been recognized by Rolling Stone as an "artist to watch" for her quirky beats mixed with reggae, hip hop, and techno and her "bizzare approach to lyrics". Santogold, born Santi White has a degree and all that jazz, but still has this youthful swag about her--talk about a role model. Her new single Creator/Les Artistes is popular with music heads everywhere and is perfect for those indie-dont-give-a-damn-hipsters who just love to make "ART". She has toured with M.I.A and even opened for Bjork and has still maintained her own unique sound (she is DIFFERENT than M.I.A)! Her debut album, "I Believe In Santogold" is sure to be hot shit. This Brooklyn girl is on the rise, and we mos def. love her over here.

Check her out on Queenie's playlist, "the playlist movement", she's first! You can also find her music on, just search for Santogold.

the coolest nigga huh?

I would just like to say that I am not deep enough and can clearly not solve the problems facing today's world because I do not understand Kanye's hot ass video, but all you have to do is READ THE LYRICS. I have been reading blog after blog, comment after comment, getting the sweet low down on the deepest shit since Jesus wrote the Bible. Take this comment for example, that I read off of popwatch blog on

"OK people the lyrics state it all... the flashing lights define the good and the bad in his life... she enjoys the money aspect of the life... but the life ultimately got him in trouble... he went to florida... got loose and cheated on his girl... she called and he lied to her and the flashing lights caught him (got flashed by the paprazzi) so he tries to explain why he cheated on her in the second verse and tells her how hard it is... he says at the end of the verse that she cant roam without ceasar which is basically telling us she left him... he says he loves to show off and she never thought he would take it that far(cheating) she burns her clothes cuz it was all a part of the life and she kills him for cheating on her... thats the video people"- Chris

Wow. I am so impressed by America's school systems. Kudos to Bush. If the children in Darfur don't get this video what is going to happen? If Obama isn't this deep he can't possibly win the election!!! Understanding Flashing Lights is crucial! Kanye is deeper than deep. Deeper than deeper than deep. The symbolism he uses in his lyrics are just UH_MA_ZING. (deep breath to escape the sarcasm).

People, people, people! The song is in fact about the paparazzi catching Kanye in the act of cheating...DUH DUH DUH...the whole point is there is no reason for him to be murdered! Is he speaking out against domestic violence, has Kanye become an activist? Maybe he should have killed a paparazzi in the trunk, I could have accepted that. . I'm not anti-Ye, I'm just pro-makingsense.

P.S...i don't think Kanye's that damn deep either he's like a simile not a metaphor, and that is the beauty we get from his music, his ability to stylistically state the obvious with a touch of wit and humor....just READ THE LYRICS

Friday, February 22, 2008

Stuff White People Like

So I check out Kanye's Blog like every morning before my 10 o'clock class and today he posted a link that is hilarious because it is so true.
Some things white people like:
#71- Being the only white person around
#69- Mos def
#33- Marijuana
#22- Having two last names

Thursday, February 21, 2008


swagalicous (adj)-(a.) pertaining to a male or female whose "swag" is so completely overdone and foolish (b.) describing someone who is obsessed with themselves and their "swag" (c.) a word used to personify those who constantly talk about themselves, their "janks", and "how sweet they are"...synonymns are "fool", "hoar" (baltimore edition), "joke", "VCU", "the commons" and "freshman" (lol sorry it I just had to do it, no hard feelings? Haha)

In a Sentence- These "swagsters" who posess unbeliveable amounts of "swag" are very "swagalicious".

Vote Obama 08' to STOP THE SWAG

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the coolest nigga wat?

Kanye West Flashing Lights video...hmmmm..mmmmm...well I don't know how long this wretched piece of nothingness has been out, but i absolutely hate it. It doesn't go with the song and it's pretty gruesome, I was so creeped out. I mean I felt that Kanye was just trying to be deep for no reason. Maybe it will be like a series of videos, like R.Kelly's "Trapped In The Closet", or maybe he's trying to make a movie, or maybe he's been smoking crack with Lil' Wayne (excuse me snorting COKE with Lil' Wayne)...the world will never know. Just watch this shit and if you like it cool, but if you don't you'll be left with a reaction of "wtf". In the words of Clive Grant, "He's goin' crazy, geniouses always do". It's like an artist who doesn't have any art left so they just do some crazy shit like run the New York Marathon with a mowhawk or make endless reality TV shows about making bands and making the contestants walk across all the burroughs to get him cheesecake, yaknowatimsayin? On the other hand maybe it was too artsy for me to understand, but I doubt it, we're pretty deep over here...and if I have a revelation in mid-sleep, I'll just change my opinion-this isn't written in stone, only on the computer lol. I guess Lupe is our only hope, and he was number 1 on 106 & Park today, and we all know what that potentially does to peoeple. In conclusion, don't kill yourself in a video unless your retiring and plan on ressurecting, kinda like Hov, or if your predicting your own death like Biggie...that's always interesting, but you really have to die after that and I don't think that should be in Kanye's life plan...anyways watch this ish and leave me ur thoughts...

Today's Hotness

Janelle Monae
I love her look!

Lauren London
Her jacket is hella fab

Erykah Badu
I love this chick!

Dita Von Teese & Victoria B.

Lily Allen

Her shoes are fire!

New Look For Queenie...


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some More of My Fav Pics from The Sartorialist

She is like a cool upper eastside private school girl

This is imagination!

I love her shoes and the bag

She is like a chic nerd

Boho chic at its best

Get inspired and create your own personal style

Go check out the site at

-Doe Chee$e

Monday, February 18, 2008

Corporate Scum

So I've been on my political shit this semester and I'm telling you everyone should hop on. I was at work today, doing my usual surf of generic "semi-department" stores, like urban outfitters, and I got bored because everything looks the same (except for this sequined skirt I've been hunting for a few months) so I decided to google urban and see what crazy shit I can conjour up about the multi-million dollar company. I was utterly suprised, it turns out that husband-wife CEO duo of the company are ultra conservativde republicans and use a generous portion
of their funds in supporting Republican candidates. The kicker is that certain shirts, such as the "obama for yo mama" and the "hilary is my homegirl" shirts are pro-democrat, but the purchase of these shirts help to support REBUPLICAN campaigns! Wtf? Its a conspiracy I tell you! The store aims to target college students, into the new age thrifty, bohemian looks-who are mainly liberals-but yet they use our dollars to fund conservative one sided bullshit! Why don't they make clothes that cater to young republicans like polos and pearl necklaces, instead of fooling their demographic that the owners are rasta living, bohemian-esque, weed smokers, who make clothes to cater to people like them. At this rate, the owner of Abercrombie and Fitch is probably a Green Party member!

To find out more about corporate scum, urban, and CEOs who use poor children in India to make their clothes or are potentially funding the Darfur genocide go to or google that shit!

LL the next Marilyn Monroe?

We all know that Miss Lohan idolizes Marilyn Monroe. She bought her apartmant, her paintings, and articles of clothing. Now she is posing like her in New York Mag.

Check out more pics of LL at

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Love is in the air! Happy V Day!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today's Hotness

Andre 3000


Christina M.

Alexis, Kanye, Nas, & Kelis


MAC + Fafi= Magic!

In stores today, the Mac and Fafi collabo is hot hot hot. Please believe if it wasn't so icy and wreckless outside I would be at the mall in the Mac store copying it! Go get it! It's only in stores for a limited time. Once it's gone, it's gone duh!

-Doe Chee$e

Monday, February 11, 2008

NIGGER drops bombs on Grammys

So basically I think Nas is a genius in every way shape and form. Why? Because he wore a shirt that says "Nigger" to the Grammys, and "No" I was not scared to type that word. Historically "nigger" has been one of those words black people should have never gotten used to, but just decided to turn it into something "positive", like how feminists attempt to claim that "bitch" is a term of endearment? All that is a load of crap, the most crap you will probably ever hear in your young life. I cant even lie though, I do use "nigga" probably about every 12 seconds in between profanities, but that's something I can conquer in due time. Anyway Nas CLEARLY has a bigger agenda that has nothing to do with promotion, he wants to basically in a sense symbolically delete the words' meaning in order to grow from the negativity stemming from it. Of course he knows good and damn well that the word will always hold its negative connotation, but he wants to make people aware of what they are saying, aware of all of the baggage that one word carries. In a recent video i saw,Nas states that he wants to "take the power from the word", a difficult feat for anyone, even a famous rapper lol. This could be one of the most influential albums of our time (next to The Cool), Nas is making the hip hop community recognize all of the issues surrounding this one word (hence the change from "nigga" to "nigger") he is forcing us to pay attention and face it, not to cover it up and pretend like its not there. This album will not be celebratory, not a glorification of the glitz and glam of "nigga", but a factual realization of the negativity surrounding "nigger", the ignorance surrounding that word and its glamorous counterpart. You gotta support this album folks, if you don't it's like not supporting Obama--better yet it's like being a Republican, and who wants to be that?

"it's just an album, not a civil rights march"-esco himself

Some of My Fav Pics From The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist is a blog that specializes in fashion photography mostly at fashions shows and on the streets. This in my opinion is true style. The Sartorialist not only captures the style of the person but also the character of the person. These people are some of the most fashionable specimens I have ever seen. So chic! I love it! Go check it out. Who knows, they may inspire you.

My Grammy Recap: Doe Chee$e

The Grammy's was ok. Beyonce and Tina was kinda funny to me....I don't know, Im not really a huge Beyonce fan. Some girls in my dorm were screaming and shit. I didn't think it was that serious. Fergie was ok too. Amy Winehouse was cool, Im glad she won 5 awards. She is like a ghetto chick from London that can sing...and I love it! But really I just have one word to wrap it all up.......KANYE!!!!!!! The performance was sick and he won mad awards. (Finally!) Graduation deserved album of the year....I mean come on we were all listening to that cd for like 3 months straight everyday. (I didn't even know who the hell the guy was who won lol) Big ups to Kanye. O and my girl Alicia Keys...her performance with John Mayer was good too. Overall it was an ok show.
-Doe Chee$e

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