Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the virgin kim

So I've decided that the title of this blog is the name of my first hip hop neo soul rap album that i will probably never make. lol. Anyway, I've been on my sick bed for a few days now, "sick wit the strep" (the title of my first song lol). I just want to put you all onto something fabulous that I have had the pleasure of discovering (drumroll please) (medevil trumpet sound) (beatboxing white rapper sound)...its called FotoFlexer and its on Facebook. Yay! Its like a bootleg photoshop, for all us people who can't afford photoshop. I swear I've been foolin' mad people with my pictures. I'm like a FotoFlexer expert forreal, if I got my hands on photoshop I probably have a seisure from all the excitement of the new features. So be creative and shit...

I've decided that since my concubines have abandoned poor queenie that I'd just write about whatever the hell I want to...For example...i was watching MTV last night, while hacking up an unheard of amount of diseased mucous, when my hacking was interupted by a temper tantrum by a dramatic gay high school student (the best combination) on MTV's The Paper.

soo as a result of this i was hacking up mucous and laughing hysterically...all of this over a column that some staff member shouldnt have had in the first place...muahhahahahaha...and of course the black girl made the smart ass comment that set him on his path to sadness lmao lmao lmao, how i love MTV! I'm so quoting this kid on my Facebook...well I have to get back to being sick and watching Rachel Ray roast a chicken and play truth or dare with Gail, (yes oprah's bestie)..even though I'm sick I remain hungry. Peaces.(cough cough HACK)


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