Monday, September 15, 2008

things black people love

1. mcdonald's sweet tea (am i allowed to use the same picture twice?) lol

2. newports

3. pepsi

4. stoops and porches

5. fried chicken (yea yea yea...its good tho' why be ashamed?)

6. lil wayne

7. myspace

8. altimas and vics and grand marquee

9. whatever city they're from

10. showers

11. big ass speakers/bass (turn it up in the headfones)

12. exspensive shoes

13. vibrant colors

14. being fresh, fly, and flashy

15. sex

16. family reunions (you get them free shirts wit your last name on it! dope...)

17. yo grandmomma

18. frozen cups and kool aide

19. swagga

20. salt peppa ketchup


Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

this list is pretty accurate i must admit,but you forgot Tyler Perry lol

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

This shit was Funny, Sad and True!
I love it.

Gallardo Bastardo said...

1. No! I hate that shit! My girlfriend loves it, but I prefer Lipton Brisk and Nestea. Sweet Tea tastes like sugar and grass.

2. Don't smoke. Yucky.

3. I'll drink it if it's there.

4. . . . No comment

5. Well, yeah, that one's actually true. If a black person doesn't like fried chicken, it's because they're forcing themselves not to like it.

6. Nah. I think that's more for white people.

7. Meh.

8. You forgot Lincoln. I want a Lincoln.

9. I guess. I don't even really like Baltimore, but I represent when I'm out of town. Lame.

10. That one doesn't even make sense, but I'll take it.

11. . . . Yeah.

12. I would like them more if I could afford them.

13. It depends where they are.

14. Absolutely. Even the old people.

15. Teehee. . .

16. Yeah. I'm getting sick of meeting people I didn't know I was related to.

17. You mean my grandmomma? Yeah.

18. My mom doesn't even allow Kool-Aid in the house. =(

19. I hate that word.

20. Yessir.

dheathjr said...

the inconvenient truth...
oh and u kno black people love park avenues...

Anonymous said...

U forgot grape dutches!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Unknown said...

this is hella funny
and O so tru

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