Monday, September 15, 2008

things that black people laugh at

1. your bad ass people are infamous for laughing at other people's bad ass children. expecially white people's bad ass kids. Everyones sitting there laughing and thinking, "why don't they just beat his little ass?" I always like to watch little white kids and hispanic kids run all around stores and break shit. Their parents look so stressed and sooo upset, like "God why ME". A little ass whoopin would fix that shit right up.

2. bad ass track...I love this! I love when black people laugh at other black people for having the WORST tracks/weave imaginable! When you see a sista walkin down the street with a head full of CLEARLY fake blonde and red tracks it makes you question the sanity of the race in general? Did some other black person actually TELL you that you looked GOOD? 9 times out of 10 they were lying and wanted to really see if you would actually walk out of the house with lion pelt sticking out of your scalp. MY PEOPLE! get it together lol...

3. when people kiss their i just saw your dog go and lick another dog's ass and then i saw you run up and kiss your dog on the lips!? that means that you just kissed that previous dog's dirty ass. once i was in a park with some friends and this dog was kissin alll over this man's face. we all stood there and shook our heads...repeatedly...and then of course we laughed.

4. when there is no sweet tea at mcdonalds...maybe WE don't laugh, maybe I just laugh because i hate sweet tea, but everyone else be mad though lol...until they say they ran out of apple pies, that's justs trifflin!

5. when you see a junkie lean...a junkie leanin in the middle of the street is kind of like watching a race. everyone's commenting, saying things like "look he's gettin' lower", "naw wait he's about to hit the ground...", "i bet you 10 dollas that nigga fall", "damn he def just popped back up, he bet' not ask me fo a dolla!"

6. when people dance with no rhythm...we just feel embarrassed for you

7. is funny. lets face it, watching two people having sex is just hilarious. They moan and groan. i just laugh because real sex ain't like that my dudes. porno provides insight into how white people look like naked too. Everything's all pink...yea pink..weren't you curious? O and black pornos are the funniest, cuz its just like, "why?", "wasn't slavery enough?", "you know your mama would beat your ass if she saw this shit!"


Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

junkie lean is priceless you can't help but laugh and imitate it to those who have never seen it lol

love the blog by the way... keep doin ya thing


Gallardo Bastardo said...

Junkie leans are the most fun thing to watch. One day I was walking up Howard Street after I got off the lightrail and this lady was leaning so hard it look like she was tryna pop her butt.

I hate when people kiss their dogs on the mouth, too. My girlfriend tried to tell me that dog mouths are cleaner than human mouths, and that's bullshit because I don't lick my own anus, so there's no way my mouth is less clean than a dogs.

dheathjr said...

oh that lean,
u kno it's a genuine one if ur at lexington market around noon.

& bad ass track may be my favorite.
makin the chineese ppl look bad

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