Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Neck, My Back--a hip hop classic?

Attack of the female MC's!!!!! run for your lives! Lawd knows I love a good cat fight and a good female MC. And even though I'm a die hard Lil' Kim fan, I am officially on Khia...she is too much! I gotta love it and so should you. So first of all if anyone watches Miss Rap Supreme, which you should, you already know that Khia got eliminated for basically plagiarizing herself. When I was watching the show I was really appalled to see an already "established" artist on it (if you can call "my neck, my,back" established)...but if it was for publicity she definitely got it, because now I'm all ears. She had a outward beef with Janet, aka the queen of everything, Jackie-O, Deelishis (from Flava of Love), Trina, and the entire cast of Miss Rap Supreme. She even got a song with Trina's ex Lil' Wayne...gotta hear that right? O this bish goes hard? lmao...but aint nobody tryna go DeathRow though? aint nobody tryna go east coast west coast though? no?....good...so here's the distrack...lmao

i would post trina and jackie-o's comebacks,but i feel as though they fell short cuz Khia's ish is definitely funnier than theres...and you can youtube her too, which shouldn't be a surprise because you can youtube just about anything these days (i'm probably on youtube and I don't even know it. Watch as she rambles on and on...AND ON in her hard core southern accent about how "my neck, my back" reached millions of people, cured AIDS, found the solution to homelessness and world hunger, and of course stopped global warming AND how her label Nasti Music (or something like that) has discovered the answer to world peace and arrested osama bin laden...more on Khia and her struggle to save mankind later...hee hee hee hee...and in reference to that picture, if her stomach is really that flat I should jump off of a cliff..there you have it, Khia ladies and gents!

151 Mixtapes and 3 Albums about why you should say NO to Crizzack by Dwayne Carter, III

pahahahahaha...crack kills..yes? yes!
i kno im late on this, but damn weezy, no more sizzurp and coke for u!

the cool kids/the bake sale

you know i got a little thing for mikey rocks...yessir, he is certainly a cutie, but i have an even bigger thing for his music. i love the cool kids, they take me back to those days when i used to sip lemonade in the shade while watching menace II society on the tv in the kitchen (sigh). Well they are finally coming out with something new and hot and real appropriately titled "THe Bake Sale". Below is a quote from XXL, our hip hop bible, well at least the new testament...

In the spirit of dookie links and four-finger rings, the Cool Kids are at the forefront of the old-school hip hop revival. "When I was three, my Dad made me memorize Paid In Full. He wanted to make my Mom mad," says 23-year-old Chuck Inglish, one half of the Midwestern duo. "I grew up idolizing that imagery. When I was little, I wanted to be that album cover."

Hailing for the suburbs of Detroit and Chicago respectively, Chuck and partner Mikey Rocks met on Myspace two years ago. "I was just flippin' through pages, and I ran across his [beats]," says Mikey, 19. "I really hadn't heard too much like that before. We were gonna start a project where we were both producing and get a bunch of artists to jump on the mixtape, but then I [started] rapping, and he was like, "Man, that's dope!" Mikey had been rhyming since the age of nine, but Chuck, who was strictly a beatmaker, didn't start penning verses until he met his new partner. Their mutual appreciation of Slick Rick and EPMD, as well as new-schoolers like Nas, Biggie and 'Pac, made for a perfect match, and the Cool Kids were born.

In their short time together, the Cool Kids have recorded and released several songs online, including "88", "I Rock", and their ode to BMX riding, "Black Mags." Their stripped-down, synth-heavy joints have been flying all over the net, earning them a loyal following. "There's a lot more ungangsta niggas than there are gangstas", says Chuck. "The media wants you to believe that Black people don't grow up regular or have parents with money. Get the fuck outta here!"

Among countless other like-minded individuals, the Kids have been embraced by hipster DJs like Flosstradamus, Diplo and Kanye West's mixmaster, DJ A-Trak, who have been blasting the crew's throwback music worldwide. In January, the Cool Kids plan to release their first EP, The Bake Sale, on C.A.K.E. Recordings/Chocolate Industries, followed by a full-length LP later in the year. "We just trying to be ourselves,", says Chuck, "You gotta go backwards to go forwards." Check out their melody."

there u have it folks...the gospel according to the cool kids..and me being the bootleg/mixtape/free shit que-en that i am have provided u with a track from the upcoming album:

the virgin kim

So I've decided that the title of this blog is the name of my first hip hop neo soul rap album that i will probably never make. lol. Anyway, I've been on my sick bed for a few days now, "sick wit the strep" (the title of my first song lol). I just want to put you all onto something fabulous that I have had the pleasure of discovering (drumroll please) (medevil trumpet sound) (beatboxing white rapper sound)...its called FotoFlexer and its on Facebook. Yay! Its like a bootleg photoshop, for all us people who can't afford photoshop. I swear I've been foolin' mad people with my pictures. I'm like a FotoFlexer expert forreal, if I got my hands on photoshop I probably have a seisure from all the excitement of the new features. So be creative and shit...

I've decided that since my concubines have abandoned poor queenie that I'd just write about whatever the hell I want to...For example...i was watching MTV last night, while hacking up an unheard of amount of diseased mucous, when my hacking was interupted by a temper tantrum by a dramatic gay high school student (the best combination) on MTV's The Paper.

soo as a result of this i was hacking up mucous and laughing hysterically...all of this over a column that some staff member shouldnt have had in the first place...muahhahahahaha...and of course the black girl made the smart ass comment that set him on his path to sadness lmao lmao lmao, how i love MTV! I'm so quoting this kid on my Facebook...well I have to get back to being sick and watching Rachel Ray roast a chicken and play truth or dare with Gail, (yes oprah's bestie)..even though I'm sick I remain hungry. Peaces.(cough cough HACK)

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