Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I been around....

Kimmie E! I miss you too yo! I been around man...I have been partying to hard and neglecting important things like school lmao. I swear I been in classes less and in d.c. more and more. I been in the club every weekend or at a damn house party lol I even took a strip aerobics class at the gym! But I have been living with no restrictions which feels rather wonderful. I have taken some awesome ass pics lately of my adventures...some I can share, the others are a little incriminating.
Trey Songz sexy ass at Love on Vday

My Homeboy Lee in the dirty ass subways of NYC
More to come...I am going to start taking pics everywhere I go cuz thats how memories are saved..especially when ya ass get old and cant remember or if you have a terrible short and long term memory due to excessive use of Ganja lmao
-Doe Chee$e


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