Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So on Friday I went out with my nigga Chris (summer 07 love). We went up to his mother new house in PA/MD (idk its in the middle of nowhere fo'real) to sip on some wine and watch old movies lol. Any who....It was a long ass drive at 9:45 at night and we just drove and listened to this new mixtape he had on his ipod, So Far Gone by Drake.Can we say all the way hot. I mean every song on this mixtape is fire. He kills Kanye's beat, Lil Wayne drops his weirdness, and santogold's hook is ill. Did I mention sexy ass Trey Songz is on the shit hella times lol. I have the damn mixtape on repeat in my dorm room and everyone who rides in the BMW is blessed with listening along lol. Im sure I am late as hell but I could care less cuz most of my homies never even heard of that Degrassi nigga Drake.
Some negros I know be hating on Drake, talking bout he ain't a real rapper, he was on that overly hormonal teenage show on Noggin, and he ain't live thru shit....shut the fuck up! His whole swag (I hate that word, but couldn't find another) is true hip hop....that shit that you can feel. The sounds you can bump in your house, car, ipod on the go shit....anywhere. So mad props to Drake..keep doing ya thing.
-Doe Chee$e


Mark Myuse said...

The mixtape is sweet.....top to bottom a certified press play......

kimmie e said...

def agree
and comeback session
his first joint

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