Saturday, April 4, 2009

Women After My Own Heart

My girl Keke goes to Spelman down ATL and always brings home some new music ( I was stanky leggin and swag surfin months ago LMAO) . Any who, Keke put me on with the group Electrik Red. Electrik Red is like Kelis, Lady Gaga, and En Vogue all fused together. They can sing, they are gorgeous, and they will kick your ass. I mean whats not to love? There song "Friend Lover" describes basically a fuck buddy and "Drink In My Cup" depicts one of those drunken nights. My fav song by them is "We Fuck You." The songs basically tells all these lames out here that think they are good in bed that we do all the damn work lmao. Check em out!
-Doe Chee$e


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