Monday, April 6, 2009

Us Chasers...directed by Vashtie

I'm telling you, I am obsessed for this day only...but chick is dope, I like her work...geesh. girl crush number 2...goodbye amber rose!

she's also got a clothing line named Violette
also she is a music director
and she throws parties in nyc with a guy named oscar under the name 1992


So Pharrell has a GF

So I found this dope chick named Vashti Kola in VIBE magazine and I decided to google her and this is what I got. Pharrell's GIRLFRIEND of 5 years...maybe I am just late as hell, or maybe she is just too low key for me or maybe I need to visit more often. But she is real and her name is Vashti Kola and apparently she was prego in July and Pharrell denied the claim, getting his friends to lie to the press.WOW right? I don't think I believe that shit tho...

Anywho more on Vashti...I dig her. Or is that Vashtie with an E. More on her later....just feed on that for a little bit so all you Pharrell fans can come to your senses. lol

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