Sunday, January 10, 2010

I saw Julie and Julia and I had never been so hungry in my entire life.
I'm not a fan of french food per se, but I am a fan of food! Food is
like an indescribable feeling, kind of orgasmic, like a volcano going
off in your mouth (good visual right?) I enjoy it so much that I'm
thinking of investing in a cookbook. The last several days have been
wonderful! Stuffed chicken breast with mushrooms, garlic, and onions,
spaghetti and homemade turkey meatballs, pancakes, eggs, and potatoes
for breakfast! Yum yum yum! As I type I am preparing to go on yet
another excursion into Wal-Mart, the great beyond!! Wal-Mart is probably
one of the fattest places I've been in my entire life, but its so
breathtakingly beautiful! The translucent lights, the cartons of fruit,
barrels of tomatoes, boxes of other miscellaneous shit...sigh...what a
beaut! This of course is coming from the girl who goes to bed because
she's excited to eat the next morning. So if you love food as much as I
do, I suggest you love the gym just as much or even more. I'm off to
invest in my nutritional future. Ta ta for now bishes!

Peace & Blessings kiddies


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