Friday, July 13, 2007

Spotlight On: Queenie Valentine

WEll ladies and gents, turns out that Queenie Valentine is not just a figment of our imagination, but an actual person..IS NOTHING IN THIS WORLD SACRED?????? Well we are not changing our name, merely informing our very small reader population about this atrocity.
The Backstory: Queenie Valentine is a burlesque dancer based in key west. Burlesque is not stripping (look up Dita von Teese), but more like an older form of exotic dancing, vaudeville-esque. Anywho, I think that Queenie Valentine is pretty cool looking, but i am kinda sad that we are not the only ones with that name, who ever thought randomness could be duplicated? lmao
check out Queenie and her friends Va Va Vinnie, Teetah Dujour, Bubbles McCrackin, Moya Mona, and Lola LaFleur (such cool names) at:
with love,
Queenie V II (lol)

Check Her Style: Teyana Taylor

You may have seen her on MTV's My Super Sweet 16, if your an MTV-aholic like us here at Queenie V, but if you havent, you're seeing her now. She's Pharell's new singing, rapping, dancing sensation, from Harlem, New York, signed to his new label Star Trak. Not only is she a newbie hip hop artist, she innovated the dance chicken noodle soup, go figure. lol

get Teyanas style:
graphic hoodie
nike dunks
retro 80s jewlery
lettermans jacket
big sunglasses
and of course the HUGE HAIR
& a pink skateboard if ur into breaking bones
find out more about teyana at

Spotlight On:

If you like silly and campy clothing and accessories, you are sure to fall in love with The creators Chirs Bick and Keith Carollo moved from Chicago to pursue there dreams in New York City. They started by selling the first product, a pad of disposable drink coasters of the back of their bikes in 1998. From lollipop,scented earrings to a Star Wars t-shirt, Fred Flare has evolved into an online boutique and is loved by all. gets new items every week and allows you to explore your silly side with their hilarious fashions. My personal favorites are the cherry earrings hehe.

Artscape 2007..FREE FREE FREE!!!

Hey you like Lupe Fiasco? Well we do. Come see him at Baltimore's Artscape 2007 (, on Saturday, July 21st at 6:30 along with other performances by Emily King at 4:45 and Keyshia Cole at 8:30. Artscape 2007 is located in the Mt. Royal area and can be easily located by MTA: subway (state center/cultural center stop), lightrail ( University of Baltimore/ Mt. Royal Avenue stop), or bus (3, 11, 14 (Sunday only), 19, 21, and 27). Artscape 2007 offers a wide range of events such as master art and dance classes, multiple theatre performances (shout outs to the Arena Players Youtheatre!!), over 20 different fashion shows and workshops, international foods, as well as a varity of other happenings. Music ranges from hindi to rap to opera all the way down to neo-soul. It all starts at 12 pm Friday, July 20th and continues on until Sunday, July 22nd. The best thing is Artscape is completely FREE!!!! So bring your lawn chairs and have a good time!

Check Her Style: EVE

Some one on the style come up is miss EVE. When Eve first came on the seen in the 90's she was known as a pit bull in a skirt with short blonde hair and a mean freestyle. Eve's style was very boyish, ghetto fabulous, and street conscious. Eve has now evolved into a a style maven. Eve wears such labels as Jeremy Scott, Alexander McQueen, and of course L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefan.

To get Eve's Look Try:

  • High waisted jeans

  • Leggings( not lame lol)

  • High heels

  • Blonde hair (if your bold enough hahaha)

its 200 degrees and ur wearing lame leggings?

the culprit:
i love american apparel as much as the next chick, but leggings in summer is not checking out so good. here in breezy beautiful baltimore its hot as a mutha, and i walk to work daily, can u imagine if i wore lame while doing it. first of all i dont even know wtf lame (pronounced lam-ay) is to begin with (im guessing a very shiny version of spandex) anyway its ugly and should be left on the runway and in eves sweet new video... i mean seriously who wants a shiny ass?

dont think you can get away with cotton leggings either, or lace ones, or any other kind of material they make leggings out of these days. they are simply over publicized, kinda like lil' wayne and beyonce, and make me somewhat irritable when i see little girls prance around baltimore street in lace hot pink leggings in 300 degree weather. get real. get original. when the local junkie has scored a pair, i think its time to stop wearing them. o and another thing LEGGINGS ARE NOT, I REPEAT ARE NOT PANTS..(unless u are a size 000, and that doesnt even exist).

the verdict:
the disco era has died and lame should go right along with it, leggings stay in dance class and in utter cold situations, such as snow and/or rain....
4/5 dueces and a wash cloth 2 wash the sweat gathering in between ur legs (grosssss)
love the leggingless,
queenie v

sh*t to put on ur facebook

we all kno u sit at ur desk and pretend to do work, while ur really slaving over facebook, adding new features (because its trying desperately to pick up where myspace left off), crying over who left that "i think you're a biotch" comment in your honesty box, and reading other peoples wall 2 walls...hmmmmmmmmm..well heres some ish to put on ur fb site. i prefer heartfelt urban poetry, but this could do the trick:

for ur quotes:

"don't be jealous cuz' i've been chatting online with hot babes all day"-Kip Dynamite from "Napoleon Dynamite"

and there u have it. :)

while we're at it i just got a request on facebook to attend a "happy hour" where u give ish like beer and liquor to your friends virtually...wtF? facebook is out of control, i thought sending ur pussy through facebook was a bit much with the creation of "X-me"...more like "sex-me". Anyway, since jourdan has given me a beer, im sure il be virtually drunk within the hour. we can all ask ourselves what is this world coming to or we can simply add the feature, which i am gladly doing lol. maybe alchoholics annonymous should take facebooks hint, and use this as a sobering up device..

peace queen,

buy us a drink (preferably straight vodka lmao)

queenie v

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