Friday, May 30, 2008

the N

I love The N..yea i watch Degrassi and I'm proud that I know all of the actor's real names! However I have been stuck on this show called Instant Star, that is coming in on it's last season...the show is kind of corny, it focuses on this girl who won this American Idol-esque contest and she gets a record deal, makes it big, and everyone falls in love with her including her hot shot producer, her dorky best friend, a fake ass hip hop artist, her guitarist...and probably some other people that I unitentionally omitted. Anywho this show captivates me because the problems are escalated into big ordeals when it ain't that serious...and it takes place in Canada...who the fuck hears Canadian music anyway? Can-a-da! Right now i'm watching the episode where this new punk rock bad-ass artist named Patsy (yeah patsy) is completely trashed, and destroys her trashy dumb ass unsellable shes actually driving in her car, playing the guitar and she crashed...i could put money on her death if this were real life, but maybe she will survive..

commercial break

should i add that this station has the worst videos ever...the girl that sings promise ring has some song with bow wow...its horrible to me, shes like "im grown now..blah blah blah?" I think she needs braces or something...and she has Rihanna's old haircut...she sucks

back to the show...well Patsy's dead! Kudos to The N..I should have suspected it because they have been killing off people on teen dramas lately..yay!

hee hee

Are you allowed to disagree?
i im disagreeing...i fucking love tyra..i hope i didn't press the tension button that they newly installed on all in love dom...i just had to stand up for miss banks and her tig ass bitties

SEX and the SOUTH

So it is 12:53 and I get off at 1..but im cramming in a post...So I saw Sex in the City last night! at 12AM, yea we were pressed...It was BRILLIANT, and you only use brilliant when something is epic.I lashed out a few times in the movie though, my favorite self quote was when Carrie was going back to her and BIG's swanky apartment to get the Manolo's out of that heavenly closet-and they weren't there, I said "o shit, somebody stole the shoes!" (laughter from audience)...yea...a few "WTF" came out will see why once you sit in the theatre. It was a beautiful movie, absolutely STUNNING clothes..I was surprised at how much designer shit I could name, I guess all those dollars wasted on pretending to like Vogue have done me good! The theatre was packed and everyone was dressed up like duh. I was coming from a party so I had on this poofy black Luella dress, with a jean jacket...(lol), a pirates baseball cap u know the one(???lol), and them sparklely silver tennis shoes from urban that have become my trademark, O and I cant forget the vintage frames! (I rarely discuss my wardrobe so bear with me), and some bamboos..everyone was looking at me like WTF? Mind you I live in the durty south (Richmond, VA) and everyone is always like WTF to my awesome wardrobe lol/jk, and in my head I'm like "Bitch do you own Manolo's? no you don't...and neither do I, but i got me some Jessica Simpsons!!!" So that kinda made my day...

I loved this movie, almost more than I loved The Devil Wears Prada, probably more than The Devil Wears Prada..I think I may even buy the DVD--yea i'm cheap like that! If you don't see it, you will totally be out of the "i-pretend-like-i-am-a-fashionista-because-i-know-who-betseyjohnson-is" loop...but was betsey johnson in this movie? no! so maybe u shouldn't see

hahahahahahahaahahaaaa...ima bitch for that
yay me
God save the Baltimorians!!!!

part tre?

I have been watching this all morning long...and I cant decipher it, all I know is that it's the only one that actually has flashing lights in it. kudos again? maybe? I do like this one though, only because it deals with "old money"...maybe the "death of old money" at work, i'l fill you in later lol. watch and least Kanye West creates great tea-time conversation or conversation over starbucks and black and milds lol

Finally Here!

Well when I get of work at 12:30 I'm going right up the street to get my tickets for Sex and the City! I was a huge fan of the show and the fashion on the show so why not. I know some women who are making it a true girls night out by getting all dolled up, getting tipsy, and peeping the movie. I'm just going to see it lol. You should go check it out too.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have no words...well maybe a few. Tyra..the next Oprah....the next Martha Stewart. I think not! Oprah and Martha have had so much influence on woman throughout the world. Tyra not so much. I am kinda mad at the New York Times about this one. Tyra will be on the cover of the June issue...check it out for yourself.And um can we say photo shop!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the truth shall set u free

these are my truths...shit i used to lie to myself about, but have now come to face reality

vogue, harpers, and all those other rags are boring and i use the pictures as wallpaper...

50 dollars is a lot of fucking money

looking good for cheap feels better than looking good for an expensive price

hip hop aint dead

Lil' Wayne lyrically least now

it is ok to wear bamboo earrings with everything

fashion is really really boring...just buy shit u like

i like soldja boy and erykah badu at the same time

if i cant understand what you're talking about, then you're just being extra, overly deep

lame leggings still fucking suck

i hate mariah carey

the 80s is not back....

i dont like ice cream too much

ashay ashay

& the FLASHING LIGHTS saga continues

This has excited me so much! This morning has been officially brightened, regardless of the sun's attitude problem...So this is part II, or like the re-do of video one...So we see girl, who is clearly rich, a model I would assume...right off the bat we can see that she may be a bit of an alchie, considering she makes her egg and toasts with a mixed drink at her side (and its only like 2 pm). So all while she's eating I'm waiting for her to go puke it up..but she never does..then she goes partying, fucks kanye i think (not a bad deal), and then somewhere in there goes down a dark musty alley, drunk as shit and gets mugged and raped--and to think I thought she was buying cocaine...This makes more sense to me, it has everything to do with "she dont believe in shootin stars, but she believes in shoes n cars.." YEP, the party life aint what its cracked up to be type shit...yea right. On a side note it looks like something a VCU art student would make...kudos to kanyeezy



G-Five Clive PRESS

Queenie V's very own G-Five Clove...i mean Clive (that was a typo that I decided to keep because it was funny hee hee) aka completer of my soul (inside joke) aka lil' Clive (sike naw) was featured in another blog! YAY! All cuz of his hot ass musica...and he shouted out Queenie and your very own Kimmie E...yea im hype, check it out sons!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 things yo mama told you 2 do that u aint do or did do...yea

me n momma

Often times we all wonder how in the hell we ended up in the mess we are currently in. For example, we often ask the question why our nail beds are fucked up, why we are still talking to that wack negro, why we're not making any money, and even why you can't seem to wake up on time for that class you signed up for...all of these problems arise from not listening to the woman that birthed us! As the old saying goes-mama knows best!

1. mama always told me, "look both ways before you cross the street"-this may seem like a dumb one to have on here, but hey, this is an important ass rule that most of us do not follow, and how do i know that you don't follow it? Because if you are able to almost get hit by a car on a ONE WAY street then you must not be looking in any direction but straight ahead! The grim reaper seems to be standing right at the one-way street sign waiting for the next dumb young person to step out and get their leg chopped off by an oncoming pepsi truck.

2. mama always told me, "don't get fake nails"- ok ok ok i love my acrylics! i fuckin love them and il cut a bitch if she's resposible for breaking one of my precious lime green tipped beauties, but once they come off, my real nails are in absolute shambles! aaaaah! Mama knew what she was talking about when she said once you get them you can't stop...if I would have never gotten them, I could save 13 dollars every 2 weeks for a fill in...

3. mama always told me, "don't drink and drive"- now I don't drive period, so this doesn't go out to me, but seriously folks, I thought the cops taught you this too...who really wants a DUI? You do my drunken friend, you most certainly do! Don't die off of that tequila son, what would we do next weekend without your car? lol

4. mama always told me, "don't eat after 9pm"- and to think I laughed at this I sit here wondering why my trues fit me a little snug and why my little jean mini makes my ass look like it should be sliding upside down on a metal pole screaming for one dollar bills...and i soo dont do one dollar bills...its all about them quarters shawty

5. mama always told me, "don't accept gifts from boys, cuz they will want something in return"-"oh mom he doesn't want anything from me, Johnny Appleseed loves me!!!" How dumb and naive we were to think that Mr. Appleseed only had apples on his J. Appleseed gets you that nice ass Gucci shit that is the must-have for the summer, and you think to yourself, he's perfect! he buys me Gucci blah blah blah...and then you get in that bedroom and you feel obligated to give it up because he bought you Gucci blah blah blah...mama knew you couldn't put a price on the pussy, cuz it doesn't have the same net worth as a's worth a Chanel, everyone knows

6. mama always told me, "don't put pictures of yourself on the internet"- I'm just going to put this message that I just received via myspace up...I got this message probably as a result of my pictures...and I'm not even naked in them lol...

"hey sweetie i aint tryna holla at you or anything but im throwin this pool party in a lil bit and i was wonderin if i sent you a invite would you show your face cause i need all the good lookin woman i can get lol but hit me up if you wit it and ill remeber to hit you with the info aight"

so apparently my pics make me look like the most dumbest bitch in the universe, right? can we say delete? nigga I dont know you and you can't even spell remember correctly...NEXT!

7. mama always told me, "count down the days to your period"-hahahahaha, I know half of us don't count, if anything, you let the birth control count for you, and you find yourself having a perfectly great day in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden the imaginary clouds come in, rain pours, you get a killer attitude, a sharp pain in your abdomen, and you have to rush to a port-a-potty to get a unexplainable amount of tissue and then make up some lie about "allergies" or a "headache" to get to a rite aide as soon as possible...cheaaaa

8. mama always told me, "don't listen to your fava (dad) he's on crack..."- So the man probably was not on crack, but didn't your mother act like he had some undercover addiction to something and that even if he said the sky was blue (which it is), he would be wrong about it because its actually "sky blue" Well I listened to him, too well, and where did I find myself? In an anonymous living room smoking a j at 4am with 3 other people discussing world politics and how global warming effects your sex drive...what? yea? Thanks dad, your responsible for every good time I have in college that mom didn't want me to have! lol

9. mama always told me, "don't tell the white people that you get spankings..."-or they'll take your ass away, which is why I'm currently living in a group home in Alabama with my step siblings Mary and, naw, but I did tell my mom I was going to call child services on her when I learned about it at school in like Grade 1...and as a result I got another spanking...lmao

10. mama always told me, "don't lie!"- this is a biggie. I probably lie at least once a day, thank God it's not one of the 10 Commandments-or is it?-i havent checked Exodus lately...but yeah, white lies, black lies, pink lies, rainbow lies..shit we all lie, all the damn time...and it gets us into trouble, and eventually we don't even know what the truth is ourselves-cuz we lie to isn't that deep? yea...i thought for thought

Friday, May 23, 2008

oldies but goodies

some ad company in some latin country decided this would be a good ad...and i agree!

in direct quotation: REEFER MADNESS

"...don't let reefer kick your kiester!"- Reefer Madness, the musical (yes there is an entire MUSICAL about marahuana, you know they used to spell it with an "H"?)

ps...the musical is based off of this 1936 film appropriately entitled "REEFER MADNESS", it, its reefer history

This Could Happen To You...and You...and You Tewww

Imagine being a imagine not being a imagine being prego but not knowing your imagine that you have a mummy in your tummy...ITS POSSIBLE. This 65 year old woman went to the doctors complaining about an oversized lump in her abdomen that she had been feeling for the last 25 years...(mad long). So when she went, the doctors told her that the baby had basically floated out of her uterus and mummified itself...hmmmm? And where did this happen? India of course! baby india pictured below

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gone For Awhile, But Im Back Again

Yea I haven't been around these parts in awhile, but Queenie has always been in the back of my mind. I have been on the grind tryna start new projects and ventures. Gotta t-shirt line coming out this fall, changed my major and my hair like 3 times, been on my college girl shit, and dealing wit wack asses in my life. I still talk shit about people, give you info you need to know, and hit you with hot shit. I'm back pay attention tricks.


love this

ok here comes the one liner fuck and go sentence...
i love this bag...ciao bella

im diggin u baby

So I got some more interviews coming your way to you faithful few who keep supporting and want to know about some of the baddest muhfukkas out there (other than me) who are doin their thang. AS the HBIC at queenie or the OB (only bitch) I think it is important that i keep givin u the illest sickest new shit stay tuned!

Since I've been gone I've moved into a new house, got a heavenly bed, and ate a good ass porkchop (mmm mmm mmm), ive also taught a Hispanic girl (my biotch genny-pictured right w/ yours truly) how to make hood kool aide, and exposed her to what raw bacon looks like..weird huh..well it gets weirder, Ive developed a thrifty shopping habit at I've bought two unneeded lamps for less than 10 dollars, and some Armani tortoise shell glasses..good shit huh? I've also managed to fall in love with the 90s group digable planets...why they never became bigger than life, the world will never know...and since I'm the imeem que---eeeen I have provided you with a healthy sample of what I listen to when I'm not doing my work...@ work....
Digable Planets

tag ur it muhfukkkaaaa

Sorry people. I've been in the sweatshop (aka rehearsal)...It appears as though I've been "tagged", not the facebook tag, but the blogspot tag...its mad complex. This is the layout.

1. Link the person who tagged you…
2. Mention the rules in your blog…
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

1.ima get to it
2. mention the rules in my blog...hmmm NO BITCHASSNESS...that should sum everything up
3. 6 quirks of mine...(thinking face is on). OK, one, I shop at like ebay for poor people..good shit! Two, I have stomach fat that I grab at least once a day-in fun, even though i secretly wish that i could get it lipo-sucked out of me lol, Three, I can consume insane amounts of food in a day, if given a full refridgerator. Four, i love musical theatre! Five, Biggie makes me want to slap a bitch and therefore he is my favorite 90s rapper lol. Six, im nice-sometimes, not too savory of a trait lol
4. ima get to that shit lata
5. whoa now..niggas got jobs n shit. i cant comment right now lol...can i give an iou?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

beyond the cotton field & new amerykah

So apparently Queenie is still undergoing issues with negros (i will be nice) commenting. You CLEARLY hit up the blog because I can see it on my take the extra mili-second in your lazy computer/television based life to comment...geeez...u know its all in love.

This past Sunday I had the glorious oppertunity to see Erykah BAdu perform...which left me inspired like shit...heres the result--u be the judge

and dennis i got u

beyond the cotton field
by me...

" i see the light, the realization of the fight and the actual consideration of what is true and what is false..i can c the city in the distance"-kimberly exum, technicolor dreams

i quote myself because i aim to b brillant
i couldnt tell u if this was the beginning of my peace
because i began back in '88
and it was then-when my eyes began to open
-and my ears first heard the truth and lie
---rub the sleep out; pull the wax out
i got hella Q-tips
to clean away negative energy so i wont let my dreams slip
just tryna get my cake up
so i can board this spaceship
spittin so much truths and knowledge
that i got nighas doin backflips
dont care about ur rocks and ur dumb ass benz whip
cuz my city will b built based on the words that my lips spit
leavin bitches speechless
cuz my pen leaks golden ink-wells of philosophy
and sometimes gossip
(& then we breathe...)
sighing to the most high
singing just to get by
so we get high
and we puff lye
so we dont believe lies
cut the trees down and put em to good use
aids against the struggle
and the abuse and the disease
and the plagues and the global warming
alarm is ringing--its a universal warning//
& u wander in a daze through a maze
of confusion
of greenery that was built to serve as an illusion
to keep u from becomming a god, not the worshiping kind--a state of mind
and when u fnd yourself finally sittin pretty there in the heavenlies
they strategically tear the wall down brick by brick stone by stone--
til there is only a fragment--not demolished but a fragment--
"when niggas turn into gods walls come tumbling____"-badu
yeyo yeyo yeyo
mother mother mother
i cry out to the earth
craddling the dirt in between my fingers as i lay open to what is to come
she dismisses the bad things that i have done
the cotton that i settled to pick2 make otha folk rich..
her & i become one
as i advance
no one knows who i am but me
i am keiths daughter>discovering that the cerebellum is hereditary via mah daddys seed> even though mama raised me
these are mah truths
what r urs?
continuous jam sessions
thinking beyond the cotton field
(and we breathe...)

humdi lila allah jehova
yaweh dios ma'ad jah
rastafara fya
dance sex music hip hop
only the telephone can make me sleep
when it calls me home

yal dont feel me though

the song she didnt sing all the way...

some more food for ur soul

Thursday, May 15, 2008

queenie's valentine: sais (pronounced size...duh)

The Factz

alias b.k.a: Sais (pronounced Size)
age: 12
grind: Porn Actor/Actor/Writer for Laced.

Tha Interview

1. I have a soft spot for:
Wheat colored sneakers.

2. Fiji, Evian, or tap? Tap

3. Republican Elephant or Democrat Donkey? Donkey

3.5. Hilary or Obama? Obama

4. Favorite Designer: (i guess he didn't want to answer this one lol)

4.5. complete the lyric: lifes a bitch and then ya ____die_____

5. What song would they play at your funeral? Dmx slippin

6. Perfect Female Specimen is: Mya

7. What drug are you cocaine or heroin (queenie does not support drug use of any kind cept for green grass lol :): Cocaine. Im best taken in through the nose. Ya smell me?

8. Ur best Facebook status ever: I don't pay attention to my facebook.

9. If we wanted to make you, what ingredients would we need? Hot Sauce. Lots and lots of hot sauce.

10. Last Will and Testament
: After all is said and done, more will be said and done.

lets get personal:

so whats the best part about being from wherever it is that ur from? Lol
NY. Theres always something to do and theres a crazy mix of people. If you don't lame out you can do something different everyday

whats ur most prized possession?My soul. I don't think I'll sell it anytime soon.

when it comes to music today whose ur greatest inspiration? Nas

favorite old school rapper? Kool G Rap

what projects have u worked on/are working on? Overachiever mixtape available for free download. In the 4th quarter a project called Robot and maybe a lil mid-tape as I like to call it named "company's over" featuring a few of my comrades

ok now this is the real final thought...anything you wanna get out to the sons and daughters? To the sons. Try and fuq as many girls as you can and to the daughters don't give it up to the sons.

sais pictured with a sais tee (left) duh right?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good N' Bad Hair

Last night in my drunkeness I had the strange revelation to let my hair grow natural. Hmmm? There was this girl there, I forgot her name, but i just loved the way her hair just was straightly poofed-yes i've coined a new phrase- maybe it was me being drunk, or maybe deep down somewhere inside this semi-petite light skin body of mine, i really want to be one of those curly headed, i-dont-give-a-fudge-about-anything-but-my-culture-divas...and maybe i am making a stereotype, but hey, I admire the hunnies. As a black female, a black light skin female (in which i am very proud to be) I have always been associated with the light skin/long hair complex bullshit, which is one of the reasons why I chopped all my shit off, to escape the dumbness surrounding black beauty--shit im still beautiful, hair long or short. This all got me to thinking-short and long hair, kinky and straight, good and on and so on and so on. A very specific scene from Spike Lee's School Daze comes to mind, and of course im gonna use my handy dandy youtube to show it to you. Enjoy!

im so learning this dance...o im serious. THEY BETTA DANCE..enough of the performance major tangent...i don't know if im tired of being that girl who covers her hair because its raining, or sits on the side of the pool because I just got a fresh perm, or hold back in rehearsal because im not tryna sweat it out...hmmm...there is more to life than hair...but then again hair is life...think about it

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Neck, My Back--a hip hop classic?

Attack of the female MC's!!!!! run for your lives! Lawd knows I love a good cat fight and a good female MC. And even though I'm a die hard Lil' Kim fan, I am officially on Khia...she is too much! I gotta love it and so should you. So first of all if anyone watches Miss Rap Supreme, which you should, you already know that Khia got eliminated for basically plagiarizing herself. When I was watching the show I was really appalled to see an already "established" artist on it (if you can call "my neck, my,back" established)...but if it was for publicity she definitely got it, because now I'm all ears. She had a outward beef with Janet, aka the queen of everything, Jackie-O, Deelishis (from Flava of Love), Trina, and the entire cast of Miss Rap Supreme. She even got a song with Trina's ex Lil' Wayne...gotta hear that right? O this bish goes hard? lmao...but aint nobody tryna go DeathRow though? aint nobody tryna go east coast west coast though? no? here's the distrack...lmao

i would post trina and jackie-o's comebacks,but i feel as though they fell short cuz Khia's ish is definitely funnier than theres...and you can youtube her too, which shouldn't be a surprise because you can youtube just about anything these days (i'm probably on youtube and I don't even know it. Watch as she rambles on and on...AND ON in her hard core southern accent about how "my neck, my back" reached millions of people, cured AIDS, found the solution to homelessness and world hunger, and of course stopped global warming AND how her label Nasti Music (or something like that) has discovered the answer to world peace and arrested osama bin laden...more on Khia and her struggle to save mankind later...hee hee hee hee...and in reference to that picture, if her stomach is really that flat I should jump off of a cliff..there you have it, Khia ladies and gents!

151 Mixtapes and 3 Albums about why you should say NO to Crizzack by Dwayne Carter, III

pahahahahaha...crack kills..yes? yes!
i kno im late on this, but damn weezy, no more sizzurp and coke for u!

the cool kids/the bake sale

you know i got a little thing for mikey rocks...yessir, he is certainly a cutie, but i have an even bigger thing for his music. i love the cool kids, they take me back to those days when i used to sip lemonade in the shade while watching menace II society on the tv in the kitchen (sigh). Well they are finally coming out with something new and hot and real appropriately titled "THe Bake Sale". Below is a quote from XXL, our hip hop bible, well at least the new testament...

In the spirit of dookie links and four-finger rings, the Cool Kids are at the forefront of the old-school hip hop revival. "When I was three, my Dad made me memorize Paid In Full. He wanted to make my Mom mad," says 23-year-old Chuck Inglish, one half of the Midwestern duo. "I grew up idolizing that imagery. When I was little, I wanted to be that album cover."

Hailing for the suburbs of Detroit and Chicago respectively, Chuck and partner Mikey Rocks met on Myspace two years ago. "I was just flippin' through pages, and I ran across his [beats]," says Mikey, 19. "I really hadn't heard too much like that before. We were gonna start a project where we were both producing and get a bunch of artists to jump on the mixtape, but then I [started] rapping, and he was like, "Man, that's dope!" Mikey had been rhyming since the age of nine, but Chuck, who was strictly a beatmaker, didn't start penning verses until he met his new partner. Their mutual appreciation of Slick Rick and EPMD, as well as new-schoolers like Nas, Biggie and 'Pac, made for a perfect match, and the Cool Kids were born.

In their short time together, the Cool Kids have recorded and released several songs online, including "88", "I Rock", and their ode to BMX riding, "Black Mags." Their stripped-down, synth-heavy joints have been flying all over the net, earning them a loyal following. "There's a lot more ungangsta niggas than there are gangstas", says Chuck. "The media wants you to believe that Black people don't grow up regular or have parents with money. Get the fuck outta here!"

Among countless other like-minded individuals, the Kids have been embraced by hipster DJs like Flosstradamus, Diplo and Kanye West's mixmaster, DJ A-Trak, who have been blasting the crew's throwback music worldwide. In January, the Cool Kids plan to release their first EP, The Bake Sale, on C.A.K.E. Recordings/Chocolate Industries, followed by a full-length LP later in the year. "We just trying to be ourselves,", says Chuck, "You gotta go backwards to go forwards." Check out their melody."

there u have it folks...the gospel according to the cool kids..and me being the bootleg/mixtape/free shit que-en that i am have provided u with a track from the upcoming album:

the virgin kim

So I've decided that the title of this blog is the name of my first hip hop neo soul rap album that i will probably never make. lol. Anyway, I've been on my sick bed for a few days now, "sick wit the strep" (the title of my first song lol). I just want to put you all onto something fabulous that I have had the pleasure of discovering (drumroll please) (medevil trumpet sound) (beatboxing white rapper sound)...its called FotoFlexer and its on Facebook. Yay! Its like a bootleg photoshop, for all us people who can't afford photoshop. I swear I've been foolin' mad people with my pictures. I'm like a FotoFlexer expert forreal, if I got my hands on photoshop I probably have a seisure from all the excitement of the new features. So be creative and shit...

I've decided that since my concubines have abandoned poor queenie that I'd just write about whatever the hell I want to...For example...i was watching MTV last night, while hacking up an unheard of amount of diseased mucous, when my hacking was interupted by a temper tantrum by a dramatic gay high school student (the best combination) on MTV's The Paper.

soo as a result of this i was hacking up mucous and laughing hysterically...all of this over a column that some staff member shouldnt have had in the first place...muahhahahahaha...and of course the black girl made the smart ass comment that set him on his path to sadness lmao lmao lmao, how i love MTV! I'm so quoting this kid on my Facebook...well I have to get back to being sick and watching Rachel Ray roast a chicken and play truth or dare with Gail, (yes oprah's bestie)..even though I'm sick I remain hungry. Peaces.(cough cough HACK)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Simple Living

Ok, so maybe i did steal this picture from another blog? Who cares, no one reads this one... So I found this to be very very interesting. We all know about the problem in Darfur and how tree-huggers, anti-war, anti-bush, and every celebrity alive today is so INTO the Darfur thing, right? right. If you look at the picture you can clearly see the statement being made, unless you're just too litteral to function.

So as a result of this moving statement, Louis Vuitton is suing the artist, Nadia Plesner...hmmmm...I wonder why? Is it because we as Americans take material items way too seriously when there is a effin problem for humanity going on in another country?

For the record the LV bag is clearly why even sue? dumbness if u ask get the poster or the shirt go to that shit!

im back bitches...

Now i don't know about the rest of the crew ( i.e. dom and clive), but Kimmie E is back at Queenie V. I apologize for the hiatus. This semester has been a trying one, i watched while my friends filled themselves up with dosages of adderall, memory pills, big red gum, and starbucks iced coffee. I was there when the library decided when it was going to stay open for unheard of amounts of time and when the dorms assumed that everyone was O.K. with being silent for an entire week. I was even there when the cafeteria decided that it would give out free ihop tasting breakfast all night long--for FREE! O the beauties of collegiate life! Since I've been away, Facebook has developed a chatting system, Obama is behind Hilary, the ice caps have continued to melt, and the city officials in the fair city of Richmond have told us not to drink the water from the! All of this creates the perfect set up for summer!

My summer began yesterday at around 9:50 a.m. (after my last exam). I of course began the summer "break" with a long ass nap, a big healthy helping of 4 cheese nachos at Qdoba, and then proceeded to aide in my suicide by dancing non-stop for about 6 hours for around the same pay an Indian child makes working in a Nike sweatshop. O Glorious summer "BREAK"! Besides summer not really being a break anymore, there are a few highlights....

1. NO MORE FRESHMEN..all the freshies go back home to their mommies and daddies and its great. For some reason the entire freshman race (give or take a few) seems to annoy the shit out of me. They are soooo extra? yes extra! and now their all moving out of their little freshman dormitories and packing all their little freshman shit in their little freshman cars. I can't believe I was ever least next year they'll be sophomores and I'll be able to befriend them. lmfao

2. Money is the shit. It is. You can't tell me any different. In the beginning God created the seasons, and within the initial 3 seasons he inserted a 4th, and named it summer- a time where niggas can sweat their asses off and can get a chance to explore the glories of gaining the almighty dollar! All summer "BREAK" is, is a time to get a mova effin job sons and get ya cake up, and don't spend it all on one weed man!

Damn, summer only has two highlights..HA! If you have any additions comment and add them on, but I know you won't cuz none of yal biotches comment! lmfao rofl lol brb ttyl ttfn..heehee

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