Wednesday, August 6, 2008

needy niggahs

damn, i gotta start postin more often. i gotta get a camera too (RANDOM) i have had a hard ass work filled loosin and gainin money week and i feel kinda good and kinda bad. for some reason i feel like karma is working against me, but i dont know what i have done to deserve such bad vibes. did i piss God off? did i piss you off? who did i piss off? is God laughing at me right now? lol

i can honestly say that i am on my GRIND...and its hard. im so effin tired its ridiculous. i loose money. i dont eat. my hair is flat. my nails chip the day i get them done. im like WTF son? what did i do? maybe this is happening to me in order for me to realize that money, cars, clothes, along with rims and tims are not so important and that i should loosen up a little. eh? or pray a little more? i dont kno, all i know is that karma has got to be at the foundation of all of these mishaps. i try to keep a smile on though.

i mean niggas complain about money all the time. its what black folk do...complain cuz we don't have enough of this and enough of that. i feel as though im always trying to outshine and outdo everyone else because i want to be the most successful. i want to be the richest, the flyest, the fastest (u get the vibe). the question is--is that really how we r supposed to live, or are we supposed to be content with what we have? striving to be the best is what i was raised to do, to b better than the other, to want more and more and more. but is this the best way to live? i feel as though i could never be satisfied. could i ever just be content or would i just be stuck trying to be better and better and better...and what if i don't get better?

its a lot to think about son. right now i just need this camera and this laptop...and this dress i seen and these shoes...o and that new phone and the new plan...and i need another job..SEE WHAT I MEAN?


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