Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Tranny's = life!! am i allowed to say tranny? is that politically correct? do i care?
anway, i have been watching this video on youtube for like a week straight. it's so funny and it centers around the best transvestite ever, MISS HONNAY! MISS HONNAY?
click the video and watch

i hope you are laughing hysterically by now, if not you are officially weak, or my friends and i are officially weird. i also came upon this other transvestite, Mimi she is gorgeous, a gorgeous gorgeous man woman. She leaned on my mans in the subway lol..straight outta the chi-town, Mimi don't take no shit!

but what about the tranny on "I wanna Work for Diddy?"...well she's backin that thang up on men in the club and doing other thangs to the thang (lol). Her name is Laverne COX (isn't that ironic)

gotta love em...


kiki said...

Is it just me or does Laverne look like Omarosa

The Peppermint Arts Collective said...

whoa kim e.

this gets more and more intense the more i scroll down!!!


Gallardo Bastardo said...

Yo, my mother loves trannies, so this Miss Honnay thing will have her and my grandmother rolling.

You should've been downtown this past weekend. It was hella transvestites at Otakon. I mean real life, "I do this everyday" trannies.

and SMH at Omarosa-man putting her head under that dudes shirt. I really hope he knew that was a man.

Eb the Celeb said...

hahahahah... I hope diddy's tranny wins...

and I'm with kiki... laverne does look like omarosa

Karl Slater said...

miss honey need to get a day job!! that is JOKES!!!

Ive seen so many of these sorts of he/shes in the clubs in London! and there all just as clueless.. snapping fingers .. fierce
girl get a clue!
but gd for them, i couldnt do it! i tryed!

a man that can walk down the street in heels has more balls then any other!

so i salute u

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