Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twitter for Dummies

ok ok we the best...maybe i sound a little like khalid, but we ARE. I have noticed that everyone has a blog now even though everyone had a blog like ten years ago. But now !EVERYONE has a blog about nothing. Even Hoogiebob from 'round the way has a blog. Geesh. competition competition...but we been doin' this for a while my friends and that is why we are the best amatuers. Yay! First place? yes? yes!

getting to the point of this post

ive been thinking about investing my time in twitter. what do you think? so first I had to ask myself what in the hell is twitter and how do i get to it? well i go to of course and then twitter told me that what it does is it asks me what im doing-at all times. Then I asked it why? and it said "people may give a fuck about what im doing at all times" and i said "cool". then the twitter asked me to ask it "how?" and it said "just sign up" i did. I tried to get kimmie e, but that was taken. The I tried to get Queenie V but that was Then I tried multiple variations of Kimmie E and it did not work so I took an alter ego of mine (which I just realized was an alter ego) Andrea thats my name andrea3thou. I've decided to follow 50 cent, al gore, ashton kutcher and some guy named will...and some how I've ran into Radio Rose. This might be better than portable aim!

so uh Twitter me...maybe we can party or sumthin lol

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Summa Summa Summa time

To get you in the spring break/summer time cookout mood (summer needs to hurry up and come lol) here are the Watermelon Vans due out sometime in the next couple of months lol

-Doe Chee$e

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kanye's Main Squeeze

Kanye West and his model/video vixen/ex-stripper/lesbo girlfriend, Amber Rose are hitting fashion week in London hard. For some odd reason, I like this chick for Kanye. I mean its Kanye West he is kinda of weird lol and she fits his style. They match in a strange way. Word is that he actually really likes her so maybe it will work out lol.

-Doe Chee$e

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I been around....

Kimmie E! I miss you too yo! I been around man...I have been partying to hard and neglecting important things like school lmao. I swear I been in classes less and in d.c. more and more. I been in the club every weekend or at a damn house party lol I even took a strip aerobics class at the gym! But I have been living with no restrictions which feels rather wonderful. I have taken some awesome ass pics lately of my adventures...some I can share, the others are a little incriminating.
Trey Songz sexy ass at Love on Vday

My Homeboy Lee in the dirty ass subways of NYC
More to come...I am going to start taking pics everywhere I go cuz thats how memories are saved..especially when ya ass get old and cant remember or if you have a terrible short and long term memory due to excessive use of Ganja lmao
-Doe Chee$e


So on Friday I went out with my nigga Chris (summer 07 love). We went up to his mother new house in PA/MD (idk its in the middle of nowhere fo'real) to sip on some wine and watch old movies lol. Any who....It was a long ass drive at 9:45 at night and we just drove and listened to this new mixtape he had on his ipod, So Far Gone by Drake.Can we say all the way hot. I mean every song on this mixtape is fire. He kills Kanye's beat, Lil Wayne drops his weirdness, and santogold's hook is ill. Did I mention sexy ass Trey Songz is on the shit hella times lol. I have the damn mixtape on repeat in my dorm room and everyone who rides in the BMW is blessed with listening along lol. Im sure I am late as hell but I could care less cuz most of my homies never even heard of that Degrassi nigga Drake.
Some negros I know be hating on Drake, talking bout he ain't a real rapper, he was on that overly hormonal teenage show on Noggin, and he ain't live thru shit....shut the fuck up! His whole swag (I hate that word, but couldn't find another) is true hip hop....that shit that you can feel. The sounds you can bump in your house, car, ipod on the go shit....anywhere. So mad props to Drake..keep doing ya thing.
-Doe Chee$e

Monday, February 16, 2009

kaboom, guess who stepped up in the room!

So summer is approaching very fast and spring is damn near here. Thankfully I will be going to Miami with the ladies of L Phi L.. Leigh Phi Lombardy...its where we live and shit lol. So while I'm thinking about how great ima look in a bikini, M1 Platoon's "wife the rolla" comes on. Hell yes! Now I love love LOVe this song and I don't know why. It's not even the best song on the mixtape, but i jus fucks with it mad hard. Too hard sometimes...i like play it over and over again. Don't call me a groupie, IMA FAN! Anyway, the song has me thinking about my summer playlist. I compiled a little list for ya'll avid queenie readers.

spring forward into summa

indie mixtape
"wife the rolla"-M1 Platoon
"fabrics"- M1 Platoon
"ice cream"- N.E.R.D
"misunderstood"- trey songz
"pussy money weed"-wayne
"whenever"-kid cudi
"day n night"- kid cud...wait scratch that, that song feels like i should be wearing a lot of fur lol
"sex ed"- g5 clive

tha old skool
"black coffee"- sarah vaughan
"never can say goodbye"-jackson 5
"people make the world go round"- the stylistics
"around the way girl"- ladies love cool james (and i still do)

black protest
the entire nina simone protest album
"strange fruit"- billie holiday
"my black people"- g5 clive
"black maybe"- common
"mystery of iniquity"- lauryn hill
"black girl lost"- nas
all of new amerykah
throw someones concept album on it and u good lol

that r and b shit
"diva"- beyonce
t pain t pain t pain t pain
chris brown...the first album
"braid my hair"- mario
"take it from here"- justin timberlake
"i wanna be loved"- eric benet
"tell me"- groove theory
"good morning"- john legend
"mo better"- raheem devaughan
"you are everything"- mary j
and the whole what's the 411 album..yes!
anything tony toni tone

hip hop...tha new school
"much more"- lupe fiasco
"say hello"- jay z
"anti"- n.e.r.d (does this count?)
the college dropout and late registration
"sex 4 suga"- common
"swagga interntational" pharrell
anything pharrell all feels like its hot outside lol

brooklyn baby...and them otha burrows
"queen bitch"- lil kim (this like one of my favorite songs of all time)
"can i live"- jay z
"regrets"- jay z
and i gotta put cashmere thoughts on here
"mvp"- big l...he said he was a poonanny
"warning"- biggie biggie
"life's a bitch"- nas
anybody from brooklyn will do you right
i recommend dusting off that blueprint, black album, and hard core for the summa
stick wit reasonable doubt and illmatic for the spring

"a shade of blue"- incognito

ok i have fill in my blanks for me...appreciate it much

queenie valentine

Sunday, February 15, 2009

tips n thangs

i wanted to take this time out to say that i miss doe cheese, havent seen her in like forever...o happy belated valentines day to all. mine sucked, i worked at my restaurant and i kept getting bonquisha and tyrone and their bastard child ray'qwon (i have said this about 60 times over the past 2 days). Racist right? Well no. Let me explain. I am a black woman and i love love LOVE my black people, but often times when they come into a restaurant bonquisha "forgets" that the standard tip is 20% these days (if u don't know, now you know), not less than 15%!!! i am tired of waiting on my black brothas and sistas and being left 5 dollas on a 65 dolla check! Why can't we just humble ourselves and give to the servers! we get paid less than 3 dollas an hour ya'll! Give GIVE GIVE. if you get bad service thats ONE thing, but if jane and bob at table two gave me 15 on 25 and wrote "great service" on the top of their check but bonquisha and tyrone left me 2 dollas on 35, what do u want me to think about u? that you're trife? YES! HOWEVER there are many many many african american patrons that come in and tip beautifully! My highest tip was from a YOUNG black couple. All im trying to say is as a people we need to do better. we need to pick up the pieces; stop complainin about shit, stop running the hell out of our servers for "fruit punch, extra dressing, and honey mustard" and stop being trife on the tip. racial profiling is REAL and it is not always the majority's fault, sometimes the fault is resting within us. so if you can't tip don't go out. if u talkin about how u ballin on facebook and got a nice whip, then don't be selfish. PAY WHAT YOU OWE! appreciate the services given to you. Change the way black people are viewed in today's restaurant world. TIP YO' SERVA!

im glad we don't carry this

im done do be makin cake tho' don't get it twisted lol

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Check It Out! lol

Tribute shoes to one of the sexiest cars ever!

Friday, February 13, 2009

For the Love of Ray J: i think this girl is cool

HOWEVER...even though I think she's cool because she has a big ass tattoo on her face, this bi*ch is saying she is PREGO wit Ray J's baby AND that her and Ray J were "making love" a week into filming and had been "making love" ever since...if this girl doesn't win then Ray J is trife and REALITY tv is officially fake (i guess i need even more examples of its fakeness lol)

reasons for el hiatus

I know, I know, but I haven't had internet in forever AND to top it off, my kitten Biggie Biggie Smalls has been shittin everywhere because he's sick (boooo). Now I have internet. yay. However I'm going to continue to mooch off of Virginia Union's internet because it's only right. Let's talk. I'm really pissed off at my computer. It's such a piece of shit. I am thankful for it, but damn DELL what kind of product are you giving us these days. It does this typing thing where I'll be writing a word and then it will start typing that letter in another word...its such a piece of SHIT! wtf...Shit. anyway. ima be back in business. trust and believe. jus give me a chance. times are hard, internet is low...cyberspace is on pause. ttyl

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today's Hotness and not so hotness lol

First Lady, Michelle Obama covers Vogue

Hello Kitty + Mac join forces and is now available in Mac stores

Mad props to M.I.A. for performing on her due date lol
Kanye, Wayne, Jay-z, and T.I. did there thing too

Damn Gina...what is the world coming to!

  • It is really sad that Chris Brown might be the next Ike Turner! The Got Milk campaign dropped him yesterday and Wrigley's Doublemint gum has suspended is campaign. Mr. Brown also will no longer be performing in the upcoming NBA Allstar Game. Damn C Breezy!

  • And as for A. Rod (aka A Fraud) why the hell were you doping man! You get $275 million...go natural!!!!

-Doe Chee$e

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