Friday, June 5, 2009

fells point

Fells Point...FELLS POINT. Now for some odd God forsaken reason I had never been to Fells Point until my senior year in High School and I was born and raised in Baltimore (county--you gotta put that in there). Fells Point is basically like Carytown in Richmond (for all my VCU heads) but with water. If you are not familiar picture a historic fashionable small quaint community with thrifty nifty stores music and hot eating spots. I will admit racism can be present in places such as these HOWEVER you see a lot of friendly faces and if you catch the area on one of its busiest days it can make you feel like your walking around in somewhere that's actually important. It can act as your own personal Baltimorian heaven if you let it. Hit it up if you are in the area and if you come visit me remind me to take you's located "behind" the harbor BUT still on that shit lol the website even has its own CRIME BLOG, that's how you know it's still Southeast Baltimore lol


Gallardo Bastardo said...

I was in Japanese class last fall and were telling our teacher where she could get authentic sushi in Baltimore. Somebody mentioned Fells Point and this girl says "Fells Point? The bootleg district? That place is bad?"

That's when I blurted out "Fells Point? Bad!? Have you ever heard of Cherry Hill?"

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