Friday, June 5, 2009

TLC and LIL KIM???

It is becomming so difficult to decide whether or not to post on Queenie or on my own site. All I know is that this ish is getting boring because the public is not responding and maybe that is our fault, but you know everyone has a life. If I could get paid for blogging best believe I would...but I gotta eat too dig? Well what's new in news....hmmmm

I heard on the radio that TLC is inserting Lil' Kim as the "new" Left Eye when they go on tour. I actually got very excited when I heard the news, but to my dismay the rumors have been cleared up and KIM is NOT replacing Left Eye. They issued the following statement:

We want our fans to know that replacing our sister Lisa is not, nor has it ever been an option. TLC will always consist of Chilli and T-Boz. Lisa's spirit lives on through us. She cannot be replaced. We may collaborate with other artists, just like many other groups have done, but we will never add anyone to TLC.

We love Lil Kim and have been talking about collaborating with her for awhile. We hope to have an opportunity to work with her in the near future."

-Chilli & T-Boz


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