Friday, June 5, 2009

Gap 09

The Gap is keeping it so totally real this summer, defining the season with blends of jean, khaki, and a genius use of bright colors. The new collection offers the Gap classics you are fond of such as trouser pants, shorts, trenches, summer scarves and shoes. Patrick Robinson completely did the damn thang! He takes one unoriginal commercial item and makes sure that it has its own individual appeal. The clothes seem to fit perfectly and come in the Gap's standard multi-size menu. Of course the best thing about this entire collection is that it's totally AFFORDABLE, CHIC, and ECO-FRIENDLY---so I made that last part up, BUT still it looks ECO-FRIENDLY and that's what counts. It also offers a sensible idea of how the modern MAN should dress (emphasis on MAN) or maybe just a cute little boy. So go to your local mall and try some ish on buddies!!! Say WHAT!


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