Friday, February 26, 2010

Kelis in Complex Mag

In the Feb/March issue of Complex, Kelis dishes on life as a mom, fashion, natural beauty, and of course her new music. Kelis is signed to Will. I . Am Music Group and her 5th album is expected to drop later this year.

A Heavy Flow of Technology

For all you iPad lovers......I pose one question?
How the hell are you gonna protect that large piece of technology? lol
Its too big to fit in you pocket and too heavy to lug around in a bag all day.
Well here is your solution!
The iMaxi hahaha
Here is what the creator has to say:
"With its durable vinyl outer layer and plush, quilted-cotton sleeve, the iMaxi helps keep your iPad clean and dry. Plus, the iMaxi's Velcro-latched, advanced wing design wraps snugly around your device, so your iPad always stays where it should. Best of all, it shields it from all those unsightly and embarrassing data leaks that would make any motherboard worry."
Its available on

Check Her Style: Olivia L.

Personal style on deck...

This pint size model chick from Los Angels really knows how to pull off rocker chic.

Her outfits make me yearn for summer....

Shorts, shorts, and more shorts......

With the combo of over sized accessories, leather, denim, and vintage tees

This L.A. native pulls the Cali underground look off seamlessly.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Young Dandy

Young gentleman in the making.....

Who knew when Run's House started Diggy Simmons would grow up into such a nice young man

Too fly for his age!

Take notes all you bummy a$$ tall tee wear'n Baltimore and DMV folk!
O by the way, he is only 14!

Shoe Porn

Christian Louboutin

Rihanna in Louboutin


Gets no better than a bad a$$ pair of heels......

Hard Drive or Hard Boiled Eggs?

I know that I am not the only person who comes home from a long day of classes or a full time job dying of hunger!
How would you feel if you walked into your kitchen and instead of finding your loving mother or caring Bf/Gf, there behind the kitchen counter stood a giant robot preparing sushi???
That would be awesome right! Well it may be happening in the near future.
Over in Japan (the land of all things tech) the Faman restaurant offers its dinners traditional Japanese cuisine with a twist or should i say a glitch lol.
When dinning at the restaurant you will find two huge yellow robots serving up to 800 bowls of ramen noodles a day or or a hand like robot preparing sushi. Of course there are still human workers that serve these hot bowls of yum, but the two $100,000 robots make the food and manage the human staff.

In a way I find this quite fascinating and fab, but at the same time a little scary lol.
I doubt this tech dinning will make its way to the states, but ya never know.

Source: NY Times

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Since Kimmie E is putting you on with other blogs today...
I'm gonna join in....
Wowwowweewow (In my Borat voice) lol
This pose is iconic....
Grace Jones is a music and fashion icon....
Kanye West is an icon is his own mind...
So does this photo mean Amber Rose is on an iconic rise since it is model after Grace Jones and featured on Kanye's new blog?
Hmmm one has to ask these questions lmao


Since I'm on my blog rampage, I guess I'll put you on to what someone put me on to. In rehearsal yesterday we were instructed to bring in propaganda from World War II emphasizing the dehumanization of the Japanese. As a result of this, a cast-mate of mine, the wonderful Trey Hart mentioned this cool blog that focuses on the relationship between race and pop culture. This is a reading-type blog, so I won't be putting up any colorful pictures for you to look at. Just go to the site and be something for once

my damn blog

Solange Knowles, one of my favorite celebs to follow on twitter ( @solangeknowles) , has just recently began a blog appropriately titled, "My Damn Blog" (wish I would have thought of that, maybe i'll just rename Queenie V, "Our Muhfuckin Shit"..jk.jk.) The blog is more of a picture reel, but since I find Solange Knowles to be breathtaking and her cronies to be interesting, I don't mind gazing into the computer screen for a little entertainment. It amazes me how she was able to completely walk away from the wholesome all-American Knowles image and become this eccentric, print wearing, sangin', strutin, bald headed monster (all of these are meant in GOOd context). Being yourself can always get you one good thing--a fan named Kimmie E! (yay) I encourage you to check it out!


M.I.A. just announced via twitter that her 3rd album will drop June 2010....
I'm hype lol
Seeing as though most people didn't even know she has two albums prior to the release of this one....
Ya'll should be hype too
Anywho, I wonder what the album is going to sound like or what the them of it will be...
Can one really try to guess what this super creative lady is going to bring to the table....
Which is all the more reason for me as a fan to have high expectations.
-Doe Chee$e

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Green Luxury

Mercedes Benz is getting in on the whole green movement.....

Here is the Mercedes Benz f800 Concept Car....


This stunner will debut next month at the Geneva Auto Show.
Way to make environmentally friendly look luxurious.

Free Anything Taste Good

Well sometimes lol

Free Pancake day at i-hop....
I know, I know this is really fat of me to post but who doesn't love a good stack of pancakes.
So go out and get your grub on...
That is all lol

TomBoy Chic

This is hands down my favorite look right now......

And while everyone is on the whole rock star, tattered, Rihanna-esque or the I am Sasha glamorous Beyonce looks of the moment....

I'm just going to stick with this.....

I don't really want to be a walking clone of Rihanna or lets not forget the Baltimore hood chicks favorite idol, Miss Nicki Minaj.
I think everyone should have some type of style or organic feel to the way they dress.....
So get out there and set your self apart from the crowd by finding your personal style.
pics via the sartorialist
-Doe Chee$e

Monday, February 22, 2010

Love @ 1st Sight

Proenza Schouler Clutch

Friday, February 19, 2010

So Dandy

Tom Ford S/S 2010...

There is nothing better than a sharp dressed man...
A man in a slick a$$ suit! I mean really it gets no better.
And no one does the dashing gentleman better than Tom Ford....
This is for all my male followers with ya'll.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today's Hotness

Can you believe this is Lady Gaga???
Me likey tho...

Gwen Stefani...
Super chill style

Nicole Richie....
Hippie chic in full affect....

What can you say about Erykah Badu....
She is her own person...
Love the YSL rings

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

O Shigidy!!!!

Supposed details on the next Batman movie...
I hope these are true and not just rumors...
I had to put them on QV because I have a strong love for Batman
(Don't Judge Me lol)
  • The Riddler is the primary villain and he figures out Batman’s identity.

  • Arkham Asylum will figure prominently in the story.

  • Several classic villains will cameo, including the Penguin and Mr. Freeze (though as Dr. Fries, not as the supervillain).

  • Barbara Gordon will have a featured role.

  • Commissioner Gordon will mention Metropolis and possibly Lex Luthor.

  • Dick Grayson may be in the movie (though probably not as Robin).


why college is stupid

As I sit here in my university's dining hall I begin to think about all
the bullshit that annoys me on campus. I know, I know, I know I
shouldn't complain...but lets just look at this as a list, a list that
"points out" fuckery and the foolishness. Lets begin (I'll try to make
this as universal as possible)

1. How everyone looks like its twin day. Personal style...hello! Get
2. Large people with large meals and a diet soda
3. Fraternity and sorority landyards...gahhhh. Put it away!
4. People who walk slow. Invest in a hoverround
5. Track that looks like my cat shit on it, ate it, spat it out, and
then my dog came and glued it on with his tongue
6. People carrying empty backpacks. Why are you here?
7. Old ass full time students that have been old and full time since
I've been here (2006)
8. People who don't look both ways. They just cross the street. Don't
you know I will hit you?!!
9. its 20 degrees and you have on a button up? Put a damn coat on!
10. Loud ass girls. Did they send out a mass email that loud
obnoxiousness was attractive? Did I miss that email?

...that feels better. Have a good rest of the day folks...I'm off to bio
lab! Ugh #FTW I guess?

Check Her Style: Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons has been hitting the fashion show seen up lately and
I'm loving her style upgrade....
Well idk about the last look, but this girl is stepping her style game up in a major way....
Keep it up Angela S.....

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