Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Love Scarves!


Gwen Stefani


Rachel Bilson

Scarve, any one can rock one!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Miss Campbell for LV

Get it girl! A black woman for Louis Vuitton....YEAH!!!! Love the colors of the campaign

Coke Whore! Mischa joins the Club!

Welcome to the club of the elite. Mishca gets a DUI. Sound familar...........La Lohan, Nicole and Paris! It's a Hollywood thang ya'll!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Get Up and Cop Em!

Yea get ready for the lines at 8 a.m. at Footlocker. The new J's come out today. $140

Friday, December 21, 2007

New Mama: Operation Saigon Sunset

Mama's lines is fire. You can find it on or

Kimmie E's Christmas List (via text,aim, or email)

1. Supras...apparently they are way hot everywhere but here, but I want some-preferably gold, but you know what, I don't think they come in girls! o well (from my rich drug dealin' sneaker head boo)

2. Gift certificate to first experience with the place was quite boring considering I was broke, not really my style clothing wise (think upscale h&m that costs twice as much), but the shoes are fuckin ridiculous (from my DC/NY boo)

3. Subscription to a foreign mag...I go to Barnes and Noble in my spare time to skim the mag racks and foreign subscriptions cost a "mova" (shout outs to the bmore "v") but they are mad interesting and can make you edgier than the next bitch (from my multi-cultural boo)

4. The itouch...self explanatory (from my arts & technology major boo)

5. The Cool...Lupe's greatest work yet (besides the o so epic mixtapes) and I'm too damn cheap to buy it. I mean why, when there's imeem and youtube and ruckus and limewire. Ok ok ok maybe I'll buy it to support the art, but I'd rather get it (from my aspiring rapper boo)

6. Ridilin (is that how you spell it?) for my kitten. People, Orbie Exum-Skoff (the kittens name) is off the damn chain! He be wylin son! Jumpin on my moms face, walkin on water and shit, shittin all over the walls and shit lol...(from my pharmacist boo)

7. Metalic lame wave cap for my new-new dew (from my bisexual boo)

8. A box of traditional gormet mint candy canes because they are so hard to find (from my fly-fly

9. A lifetime supply of cinnabuns. You know you crave them! They're like a rare animal and when you see one in a mall, you pounce! All the cinnamony, frosting goodness makes my toes curl lmao. Stop frontin' you know you'd be mad happy if someone gave you this! (from my "chubby" boo)

10. A christmas card (from my real boo) awww.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kanye on Spin

I love this cover!


Lil Spears

Lily Allen

Yea they are both pregnant and yes that is 16 yr old Jamie Lynn Spears, Brit's lil sis.
Yo its something in the water, remind me not to move to Hollywood!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Eye Candy of the Week: Shine

Ok this is throwback Eye Candy. Shyne had the voice, the flow, and mad swagga. I can't wait til ya get out! Keep ya head up man!

Today's Hotness

Alicia Keys- The green leather jacket is fire!

Katherine Heigl- This whole outfit is great. The boots, the tights, and the jacket.

Rihanna- The knee high boots and the jacket are nice

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Cool Has Come

Ok i hate listening to albums before I buy them, but Lupe too good, Lupe too good! The Cool, Lupe's sophomore album is the fu**in truth, if your looking for truth you can find it in this album, it is the shit! My mans found this article that basically explains what The Cool "is" (click on "The Cool" to read the MOST IMPORTANT article). My poetry homegirl is back, Iesha--she makes the album that much hotter. Check out "Paris/Toyko", "The Coolest" (my shit), "Little Weapon", "Gotta Eat", "Hello Goodbye", "The Die", and of course "Dumb it Down", basically the entire CD is FIRE! On that note I leave, but it is essential that you read what is written in the note in order to understand the REAL message behind click on the link!

oh and since im so nice, you can listen to The Cool on our page (underneath "the playlist movement") Now what do you say? "Thank you queenie v!".."o your welcome, queenie love the kids!"

NEW YORK---PREGO...o and she has a fake name too

Well well well...the tables have in fact turned in reality TV land and it seems as though they have completely flipped on New York (a.k.a Tiffany Pollard -Patterson). The question lies in her name, we all think that her name is Tiffany, but is that really the case? According to the alleged "Tiffany" is actually named Kenya Simmons, and is not even from New York-she's from Newark (wtf)? Oh the juice gets sweeter-her crazy ass mom, Sister Patterson is not in any way shape or form related to NY, she is actually named Leslie Bibbs and is only 5 years older than NY. According to a source who works at Fox, the two met at a BET casting call. The two were said to be seen at several calls, looking for their "big break". To top everything off Miss. New York, well Kenya is said to be an ex-exotic dancer, go figure? I also found out through my extensive googling that New York's father was played by two different men, one that was featured on Flava of Love, season one and the other who is currently on the ILNY shows. Not only is her father a supposed fake, he is SO NOT the owner of a fortune 500 company (i mean i didn't believe that anyway). BUT people the story gets deeper...much deeper. It all started with Flava Flav himself, remember that show him and Bridgette had called Strange Love? Of course you do...well she declined the contract for a second season and the money desperate Flav called up VH1 to do a spin-off where a bunch of actresses and performers, porn stars, and models basically get together to see who can pull the biggest most outlandish character to win Flav's black ass heart. These actors were mixed in with other girls (Hoopz) who planned to use the show as a basis for the beginning of an entertainment career and also included "set-ups" such as Hottie and Pumpkin...o and Toastie. The winner of the show was supposed to do a season of Strange Love with Flav, but because the show was so successful, they opted for another season. It turns out that Miss. NY was noticed by the producers early on because of the ongoing development of her "character": New York. At the end of the FOL first season, she was offered her own show and a tid bit on the second season of FOL. They planned her rejection in order to set up her heartbreak for her own show.. (breathe...that was a lot). Anywho the point is that the whole shit is staged and has been from the jump.. i don't know if NY name is Tiff or Kenya, i guess in essence it doesn't matter because it makes for good TV. All i have to say is kudos to VH1-they tricked us all, lmao

PREGO PREGO~WELLLL New York is said to have concieved a baby while on the show, which doesn't mean that its one of the cast members (gawd i hope not). VH1 has been said to be forcing her to get an abortion or is going to pull the plug on the show and any other future engagements with the network because the pregnancy was a violation of her contract (who knew). Well i heard the baby belongs to Buhdda, but you never know with her. Reguardless, the answer will most likely be revealed at the reunion show and someone's heart will be broken...duh!

o and i also heard through the grapevine that she picks Tailor Made, but hey i could be wrong lol

Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Batman Dark Knight Pics!

I love Batman...always have, always will. Here are some pics from the upcoming movie due out in 2008.
-Doe Chee$e

Friday, December 14, 2007


Go cop it!


They are so sparkly! Omg! oMG!
- Doe Chee$e

Thursday, December 13, 2007

O, O, OmIGaH!!! Queenie Valentine; the myspace edition

All I can say is that it's about damn time! I don't know why we took so long concieving this, I mean everyone and their mama's mama's mama has a damn Myspace! Well this newly formed branch of Queenie V is available to you via friend request. So just log onto and request us (i think asking you 45 people who visit daily to comment is a little TOO extreme lol). On the new myspace I (kimmie e) will be posting videos (my new favorite thing) as well as blogs about our daily life, shit we do together, shit we do separate, interesting shit, entertainment ish--ya digg? Log on or get lost!

Mary-Kate and Nylon

I've always been a fan of the Olsen twins, ever since they pretended like they were one person on Full House. I had all their videos, watched all their short-lived TV series' and of course have purchased the new issue of Nylon with Mary-Kate Olsen on the cover. Since I tend to get a little obsessed with my research, I'm just going to put a video up now, which explains Mary-Kate's journey through Nylon absurdity. Enjoy!

Lily Allen in GQ

Alicia Keys on Giant

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

queenie's valentine: Arafat Yates

The Factz

Name: Arafat Yates
Age: 19 (we share the same birth date...go Leos!)

The Interview

Doe Chee$e: Finish the statement "I have a soft spot in my heart for________.

Arafat: Women, color, progressivism, well put together songs

Doe Chee$e: What inspires you?

Arafat: What inspires me is my future. I know me and the M1 are destined 4 something greater than ourselves. We gonna have a profound impact on people if we spread out right. I look at my M1 brothers and the talent, and it inspires me.

Arafat: And you inspire me

Doe Chee$e: I inspire you? How so?

Arafat: Asking me to do this. Queenie Valentine is a different type of blog I know. Its for different minds and shit. I'm happy to add color to y'all. Y'all got crazy colors, styles and shit. Fashion and outlooks on life as it is now. If y'all support Tha M1 Platoon, then u supporting another outlook and approach on shit. We come different.

Doe Chee$e: When did you start making music?

Arafat: Istarted writtin poetry and rhymes when i was 11. I went to Duke Ellington for writting. Then I started making beats when i was like 16. I aint get ill until like 18. 9th taught me a whole lot of shit about making my beats acsessable.

Doe Chee$e: So 9th is like ya mentor?

Arafat: Yeah. 9th is one of my most influential figures as far as music. Since I'm able to sit down and just build wit him, it really helps me. He helped us tweak and harness all our lyrical energy to hit u more persice. I owe 9th wonder alot

Doe Chee$e: Whats ya fav song you've eva made?

Arafat: "Made 4 Me." Its just complete. I rhyme like im humpin somethin on that. Its to this girl thats my outta state boo.

Doe Chee$e: Speaking of girls.....what's some characteristics of ya ideal chick?

Arafat: I love open minds. They gotta have they own style.....a little fresh. I love when my sisters take care of themselves. Nails and hair, all that. Silver rings, jewels, and fly colors on. They gotta know hip hop history.

Doe Chee$e: Do you have a celebrity crush?

Arafat: Jack from J. Davey...Or Vashtie

Arafat: Can I say something?

Doe Chee$e: Sure, go ahead

Arafat: I wanna make music for our black women to listen to more. Alot of women I come across say they listen to rock, aint shit wrong wit that, but we gotta support our own culture.I think women listen to other shit cause Hip Hop aint good as it use to be. But its cause we let anything go. We dont uphold our standards

Doe Chee$e: What's ya style?

Arafat: Im a real basic dude,so i wear like AE, Aeropostale, Ralph Lauren, um..Lacoste. Old shit that dont go outta style like Gortex jackets. I got a purple one that was my grandfathers.

Doe Chee$e: O vintage! What was ya fav subject in elementary school?

Arafat: Science us to be ill cause it was new. We did some wild shit in science

Doe Chee$e: If we wanted to make you, what ingredients would we use?

Arafat: All natural shit. Wit a good top of tha line knife to chopp all that shit up. Mix it add coke, add a Dilla beat tape, Madlib, 9th Wonder beat tape. Put in a blender, add Willie Hutch song, then close it, then open it, add dragon fire...close it, then blend lol.

Doe Chee$e: Hilary or Obama?

Arafat: Obama. We got tha same type of head in both senses.

Doe Chee$e: Your best facebook status ever?

Arafat: It was recent. It said RIP La'Riesha. Ima bang my dedication 4 u real loud so u can hear it in heaven, and M1 gonna rock tha Little Brother Show in ur memory 2nite!!!!!!!

Doe Chee$e: So ya from what's the best part about D.C.?

Arafat: The density

Doe Chee$e: What's ya fav possession?

Arafat: Alexinah. She is a Ronald SP-404 sampler. She been dealin wit me wit these beats since like 05.

Doe Chee$e: Last will and testament?

Arafat: Whoever knew I passed, keep my dream of progression in hip hop alive. Keep tha standard.

Keep doin ya thing Mr. Yates! And look out 4 tha M1 invasion Mixtape cause its stormin yall niggas. Keep checkin tha myspace page for more info...

Today's Hotness

Rihanna- The coat is fire!

Hayden P- The thigh high boots are fierce

Kerri Washington- The dress, the hair, the shoes! The whole look is flawless

Gwen S- She can do no the jacket

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mario @ Love Nightclub this Thursday

This summer I remember Kimmie E calling saying we have to go to Love, we have to go to Love! I asked why must we go to an overcrowded nightclub Kim. Mario is gona be there! she replies lol Well anyway his performance was really good and he is gona be at Love Nightclub in D.C. again this Thursday. So get your booties down there and support a great artist.

- Doe Chee$e

Eye Candy of the Week: Lupe Fiasco

A rapper that inspires his listeners to think, Lupe Fiasco has his own genuine type of swag. Not to mention Miss Kimmie E meet him personally! Can we say AMAZING! Keep doing ya thing man!
-Doe Chee$e

Word on the Street: Double O

Barack Obama election campaign is being supported by one of the most influential people in the 21 century, Oprah Winfrey. She has even been on the road with the Chicago senator. Ummm so I think he might just win lol. You know everybody loves Oprah.
- Doe Chee$e

So We Match Now! Jay and B

Ok so I hate when couples match...but in away this is very secret agent/Mr. and Mrs. Smith lol

-Doe Chee$e

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Guilty Pleasure: Gossip Girl

Ok so as a young lady in high school I used to read this book called Gossip Girl. They were quite good novels, quite juicy. I thought I was so mature after reading the adventures of S and B. Well these novels have been turned into one of the fall's hottest shows on the CW. The teens of the Upper Eastside of Manhattan are stuck up, use drugs and alcohol , and are boy crazy. These adolescents sleep with their best friend's boyfriends, wear the latest fashions, party like rock stars, and are o so glamorous! All the makings for a great show. The ratings are threw the roof and the show has been picked up for another season.

Check out Gossip Girls every wednesday @ 9 on the CW
- Doe Chee$e

ok so im obsessed

videos of kesh the icon..yeaaaaaa..mad sweet..she should be your new guilty pleasure, and she probably is since shes the one semi celeb making everybodys top 100 in myspace...yea bitches, get on her while shes hot!

Mayweather vs. Hatton

If you have been watching the HBO 24/7's like I have you want to know who won the fight? Mayweather! My man...Anyway he knocked out Hatton in the tenth round, which is a pretty good fight if you ask me. Mayweather basically single handedly knocked out an entire nation (Yeah USA!). Although Mayweather did in fact win, Hatton did give him a run for hims money. Hatton's quick moves were great competition, but Mayweather was too accurate to miss. After the big knockout Hatton picked up the microphone and said to the crowd "Sorry Everbody". (Awwwww).

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Fight Night! Fight Night!

So who is gona win......

Ricky Hatton or Floyd Mayweather

I'll be watching!
Photo: Espn
-Doe Chee$e

Friday, December 7, 2007

Married to the Mob! New Ish!

Women's streetwear line, Married to the Mob has decided to re-release one of their most popular t-shirts, My Girls in new colors. Just in time for the holidays...and yes these are on my X-mas list!
You can cop em at......

I am a beast! Lil Wayne on Complex

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