Wednesday, July 2, 2008

allow me to introduce me

wale is the new 20.

"the mixtape about nothing" is a damn good mixtape by any standard

if you dont know about wale, you should...he's a Maryland/DC native made locally famous through is go-go tracks "breakdown" and some other shit i can't remember (i'm from baltimore-so sue me). I thought he was wack at first, but then he took this "i can rap good now" pill and it worked! yay! The mixtape features weezy f. baby on the track nike boots, and he also has this bomb ass club rap song thingy, which he dedicated to my city! yay! and it has samples from Seinfeld on it! yay! so download it HERE! yay! or you can just click on the picture...yay?

also check out his blog:


Gallardo Bastardo said...

I be rocking off to that B-More Slam song and I like all of his other stuff too. Go-go is actually starting to grow on me, and for this I might lose a girlfriend.

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

this album was pretty dope

love "the kramer"

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