Friday, June 5, 2009

fells point

Fells Point...FELLS POINT. Now for some odd God forsaken reason I had never been to Fells Point until my senior year in High School and I was born and raised in Baltimore (county--you gotta put that in there). Fells Point is basically like Carytown in Richmond (for all my VCU heads) but with water. If you are not familiar picture a historic fashionable small quaint community with thrifty nifty stores music and hot eating spots. I will admit racism can be present in places such as these HOWEVER you see a lot of friendly faces and if you catch the area on one of its busiest days it can make you feel like your walking around in somewhere that's actually important. It can act as your own personal Baltimorian heaven if you let it. Hit it up if you are in the area and if you come visit me remind me to take you's located "behind" the harbor BUT still on that shit lol the website even has its own CRIME BLOG, that's how you know it's still Southeast Baltimore lol

Harry Pottah...yea boy

More proof that I'm a geek. I have read every book in this series, the first 3 twice and I'm thinking about beginning the series again. Yessir I am a Potter fan and did I forget to mention that Daniel Radcliff is a hottie? HE IS. This is the trailer, you should have seen it already...Twilight or Potter...its about taking sides lol


the sims 3 is out. don't get all siddity and act as though you don't bang with the sims because EVERYBODY bangs with the sims...

go check it out when no one is watching.
sidenote...those graphics are out of this world son!!!

R KElly "the DEMO tape"

The King is BACK! You can argue with me all day, but I will remain grounded in my decision that R Kelly is THE KING of modern day R&B. The man is musical genius. He defies boundaries. It's like he wakes up, pees, gets dressed and says "Hey today I'm going to make a gospel song", or "Hey today I'm going to make a country song", or "Hey today I'm going to make a classic bomb ass collaboration with some nigga who ain't even that hot but im going to make him hot". R. Kelly is that shit. Which is why Queenie proudly brings to you the MIXTAPE...Click one of the two pics to download and enjoy. (pic 1:direct download, pic 2:datpiff)

NikeMVPuppets: Why Do We Live Together? lol

Best commercials EVER! That's what I'm talking about. Now I am not really into basketball unless it has something to do with Eric Maynor and VCU BUT I have been watching the playoffs and more recently the finals and I will say that I have been more than entertained. Expecially that game where Melo was given Kobe a run for his money...I love Melo...eyyyyy the vids. LeBron and Kobe...the chalk toss one...clasSICK lol

Gap 09

The Gap is keeping it so totally real this summer, defining the season with blends of jean, khaki, and a genius use of bright colors. The new collection offers the Gap classics you are fond of such as trouser pants, shorts, trenches, summer scarves and shoes. Patrick Robinson completely did the damn thang! He takes one unoriginal commercial item and makes sure that it has its own individual appeal. The clothes seem to fit perfectly and come in the Gap's standard multi-size menu. Of course the best thing about this entire collection is that it's totally AFFORDABLE, CHIC, and ECO-FRIENDLY---so I made that last part up, BUT still it looks ECO-FRIENDLY and that's what counts. It also offers a sensible idea of how the modern MAN should dress (emphasis on MAN) or maybe just a cute little boy. So go to your local mall and try some ish on buddies!!! Say WHAT!

TLC and LIL KIM???

It is becomming so difficult to decide whether or not to post on Queenie or on my own site. All I know is that this ish is getting boring because the public is not responding and maybe that is our fault, but you know everyone has a life. If I could get paid for blogging best believe I would...but I gotta eat too dig? Well what's new in news....hmmmm

I heard on the radio that TLC is inserting Lil' Kim as the "new" Left Eye when they go on tour. I actually got very excited when I heard the news, but to my dismay the rumors have been cleared up and KIM is NOT replacing Left Eye. They issued the following statement:

We want our fans to know that replacing our sister Lisa is not, nor has it ever been an option. TLC will always consist of Chilli and T-Boz. Lisa's spirit lives on through us. She cannot be replaced. We may collaborate with other artists, just like many other groups have done, but we will never add anyone to TLC.

We love Lil Kim and have been talking about collaborating with her for awhile. We hope to have an opportunity to work with her in the near future."

-Chilli & T-Boz

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