Tuesday, August 19, 2008

don't he look good ya'll?

that southern swag..nelly for sean john, i cud eat him lol

JAy disses Soulja (battle of the millenium) haha

Jay dissed Soulja Boy and DeShawn Stevenson...aha

DeShawn apparently stated that LeBron James is "overrated" (yeaaaaaa right, what crack is he smoking?). LeBron said that responding to this "comment" would be like Jay Z making a diss track about Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy showed up at a Wizards game talkin ish like "he's better than Jay Z." (whoa whoa whoa whoa..hold the phone! I was a supporter for ur little ass and then you go and dis my mans? not cool, not cool one bit!)

The song is entitled "Blow the Whistle"(you know that Too Short beat that kinda sucked, but kinda didn't lol). Listen HERE

I don't think Jay should have wrote this, its not good, just funny cuz he's doing battle with a 16 year old who makes beats for Bow Wow.

Soulja you've lost me son...i think i might have been your only fan over 18..damn

Monday, August 18, 2008


John Mayer is the truth. I first heard this song backstage at a show I was doing. Some of my castmates had a guitar and were singing the shit out of it. I fell in love and this morning decided to finally hear the real deal. I fell in love AGAIN! Is that possible? "comfortable" has a few versions and all of them are hot..enjoy (this shit makes me wanna cry, its like the audible version of "The Notebook".)
Comfortable (long version) - John Mayer

Monday, August 11, 2008

Rihanna is Killing the Style Game

Ok so when Rihanna change her style earlier this year I didnt really like her...I still don't really like her music but anyway (stay focused) she has majorly stepped up her style game. I know hella girls that would kill for Rihanna's wardrobe and I don't blame them. From her haircut to her up to there skirts and dressed, I am loving her fashion choices.

Just thought I'd give her props...that's all.

Still hate that Disturbia song tho...ugghhh.

R.I.P. 2 Great Black Men..damn

Damn Gina! This weekend was crazy! Bernie Mac, 50 and Isaac Hayes, 65 both died this weekend. Bernie Mac died from complications with pneumonia and Isaac Hayes' cause of death is unknown at the moment. Both stars were in the upcoming movie "Soul Man" along side Samuel L. Jackson. This is a great loss to the entertainment industry and they both will be truly missed. R.I.P
And while I'm at it R.I.P. Umar! Love ya!
Cherish your life ya'll, it's the only one God gives us...so make the most of it!
-Doe Chee$e

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Tranny's = life!! am i allowed to say tranny? is that politically correct? do i care?
anway, i have been watching this video on youtube for like a week straight. it's so funny and it centers around the best transvestite ever, MISS HONNAY! MISS HONNAY?
click the video and watch

i hope you are laughing hysterically by now, if not you are officially weak, or my friends and i are officially weird. i also came upon this other transvestite, Mimi Plastique...now she is gorgeous, a gorgeous gorgeous man woman. She leaned on my mans in the subway lol..straight outta the chi-town, Mimi don't take no shit!

but what about the tranny on "I wanna Work for Diddy?"...well she's backin that thang up on men in the club and doing other thangs to the thang (lol). Her name is Laverne COX (isn't that ironic)

gotta love em...

needy niggahs

damn, i gotta start postin more often. i gotta get a camera too (RANDOM)..so i have had a hard ass work filled loosin and gainin money week and i feel kinda good and kinda bad. for some reason i feel like karma is working against me, but i dont know what i have done to deserve such bad vibes. did i piss God off? did i piss you off? who did i piss off? is God laughing at me right now? lol

i can honestly say that i am on my GRIND...and its hard. im so effin tired its ridiculous. i loose money. i dont eat. my hair is flat. my nails chip the day i get them done. im like WTF son? what did i do? maybe this is happening to me in order for me to realize that money, cars, clothes, along with rims and tims are not so important and that i should loosen up a little. eh? or pray a little more? i dont kno, all i know is that karma has got to be at the foundation of all of these mishaps. i try to keep a smile on though.

i mean niggas complain about money all the time. its what black folk do...complain cuz we don't have enough of this and enough of that. i feel as though im always trying to outshine and outdo everyone else because i want to be the most successful. i want to be the richest, the flyest, the fastest (u get the vibe). the question is--is that really how we r supposed to live, or are we supposed to be content with what we have? striving to be the best is what i was raised to do, to b better than the other, to want more and more and more. but is this the best way to live? i feel as though i could never be satisfied. could i ever just be content or would i just be stuck trying to be better and better and better...and what if i don't get better?

its a lot to think about son. right now i just need this camera and this laptop...and this dress i seen and these shoes...o and that new phone and the new plan...and i need another job..SEE WHAT I MEAN?

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